sometimes I forget how good I really am…..

I went to my Happy Place aka Target, my bill was 100.19,

  • -1.00 coupon rec’d in one of my sample boxes
  • -2.00 coupon
  • -3.68 5% red card

new total $94.51, but the best part….I got (1) $5.00 GC and (1) $10.00 GC back, booohfreakingyah! for another trip 🙂

I bought two breathrights, I had the $1.00 coupon, they were already on sale and I got $5.00 GC back

I bought 3 swiffer products, 1 dry and 2 wet, because between the pupply and old dog my floors are taking a beating, plus the puppy is an ass and pulls the sheets from my cleaner… see video below

she is seriously giving the cat some competition in the arsehole department.




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