Flax Meal Eggs, not just for Vegans anymore!

There has been a reduction in eggs for a few reasons, the new law to give chickens bigger cages and the bird flu that has wiped out 10’s of thousands, this has resulted in higher prices for eggs.

So I was trying to make belgium waffles and the  recipe calls for 2 eggs, this is for ONE waffle….so I decided to try the flax seed egg, because lets face it for $4.99 I can get 12 eggs or for 3.96 which is 16 oz of Flax  I can get 32 “eggs”, since a flax meal egg is basically 1 tblsp Flax Meal and 2.5 tblsp water.

Almost 3 times the eggs for the same price? Oh Yeah!  The waffle with the Flax Egg tasted better then the one with Regular Eggs, but that probably isn’t because of the flax but because I put fruit in it 🙂  But the consistency and the hight of the waffle were the same.

This is a great replacement for your baking needs, (muffins, pancakes, waffles, ect) keeping the eggs for dishes like scrambled eggs, over easy, ect and keeping money in your pocketbook.

So I say, HEY, Flax meal eggs aren’t just for vegans anymore 🙂


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