Tofu hotdogs, so NOT ….. to me it was like someone was thinking

at home and their kid comes up with the “playdoh” hotdog they just pressed out of the toy and they had to “eat” it, then Eureka, roll up some tofu and call it a HotDog, probably tastes as good.

Now don’t think I am badmouthing (reread…pun not intended) tofu, but plain old dogs are No freaking Bueno!

But of course since I am super Frugal….I have to eat them, so, vegans and vegetarians avert your eyes for the rest of the post…. because….

Since I was making my husband Chili Spaghetti and I didn’t want the spaghetti, and because there was left over chili, cheese blocks, tomato and avocado, I went ahead and microwaved 2 tofu dogs, then I put them in a pan and fried them, then while still in pan I added the cheese and let it melt , then Yes I Did….I added some of the chili, and topped it with the tomato and avocado, and guess what it was edible….good even 🙂

Now you can get a great tofu corn dog, but the wiener by itself I will not be buying again…blech!


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