You can find anything on the internet……

I received some Omaha meats for a Christmas Present.  Now since my cooking skills are NOT the greatest, I turned to the internet for help.  My first cooking was Pork Chops.  Usually either they get shaked then baked or we get them from a restaurant.

However, this time I “brined” them, which I screwed up a little, cause I missed the part about boiling the salt away first 🙂  But the rest, putting the pan in the oven while preheating, then browning them and then putting back in the oven, then setting to rest, I did.  And besides being a little salty (my bad) they were very moist and tasty.  However, you need to remember you put the Pan in the Oven when you go for the bits left in the pan, since I forgot and grabbed and the quickly released the handle..OUCH!

Luckily no lasting damage was done.

The good thing is even though they are high quality, they aren’t super large, so I ate one with a potato, and salad.   My son had the other one, and he liked it also.  He eats meat more then me so I will be making the Franks and Burgers for him, but there are more steaks and such in there.  So while I try to stay away from meat, I can’t let this go to waste, so I will be eating some of it.  I am just glad they are fairly small portions.


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