Working on losing the weight (again :)

So got rid of all the junk (ok we ate it…so what!?) we haven’t replaced it, got the veggies and fruit.  Doing pretty good.

Cooked up some black beans, NO chili’s this time, so I can eat them without my mouth being on fIrE!

Trying to eat fruit for breakfast, eat piece of fruit or veggie while cooking lunch and dinners.  This increases my fruit and veggie intake and reduces the meal intake.

Used the black beans for a chili dish, how says it has to be kidney beans and meat??  I did black beans, celery, carrots and cubed steak, small steak, made 2 meals out of it.

I had some lobster ravioli from Costco, they were very seafoody, so I had bought a scallop and pea cream bag from Trader Joes and I mixed the two together, the sauce and veggies helped to cut the seafoodyness, but still kind of strong, ate that over quinoa and kale.  Sooo, I added some squash soup base to the mixture, that should take care of it.

Trying to eat most of my carbs in the Am and Lunch, most active time for me.

We will see, I need to get exercising, but…auggh, I hate to sweat!







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