and for the record, I have been exercising…

Just not really regular or hard 🙂  So as you know I am frugal, so at the yoga place you got 10pts for every time you work out.  I got a FREE month, you know I love me so free!

But again, yoga, (the kind I do) isn’t really sweat producing,  hence the reason I really RealLy like it 🙂  So on groupon (one of my faves!) they had a deal for 5 workouts for 9rounds.  Me and my sister-in-law got one.  NOW this one is very sweat producing, but we are only making it once a week, for once I am NOT the flake, it is the in-law.

So today, I thought, wait, I am not working, my yoga is free, I can do what I want, soooo, I took the crazy puppy to a nature walk way thingy, about a mile round trip, outside in the air, it was Nice Nice Baby!  Plus the puppy walked on different types of material, wood, grass, dirt, cement, and saw other people and dogs and had a little playtime with another dog.  All in all pretty darn good.  I ate a Banana before we left, and I had a granola bar while we were there.  Es Bueno!


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