Happy Valentines Day

So, what to do for someone who has everything…including me… 🙂  He is a great guy but getting him gifts in a gigantic pain in the arse!  Don’t buy my anything, he says this at Every holiday.  But the he will turn around and get me something.

So I have been trying to make the gifts something I know he needs or wants but can’t seem to find on his own.

So…drum roll…this year, for VD he is getting a bunch of Pop Chips.  Why pop chips you ask?  Well he likes the Salt and Pepper version and we can NEVER find it at the store.  Seriously, they are never there.  So I contacted Pop Chips directly and I was able to buy them from Amazon, got a whole case of them.  So he loves the, and he can never find them so I got them for him.

If that isn’t what love is all about then I have had it wrong for the last 30 years 🙂



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