Kitchen Mashup – swapping ingrediants

and saving time and reducing food waste.  Yea, that is my freaking super bowl!

So, since I am trying to avoid meat and eat my carbs in the morning.  I have found French Toast to be pretty good…however, I find myself without milk quite often as we don’t drink a lot of it any more.

So what do you do when you are out of milk?  Well for me I found some plain yogurt and figured WTH?  I put a couple spoonfulls in with 4 eggs and whipped it up, I added vanilla and cinnamon and walah,  it works great.

I also tend to make a current batch and depending on how much the bread soaks up 1 or 2 extra servings.  I freeze them and they are ready for a quick zap in the mirco.

Since I had cut up some fruit for my husbands lunch, which he didn’t take that week, I have been using it up with my french toast.  I cut them up , drizzle some maple syrup, and add the fruit and then toss it all together.

Works great and keeps me from throwing the fruit out, and I don’t have to add anything to the fruit.


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