Kitchen mashup – doggie bag boogie

So since I got sick, both times I think it was because I had started eatting a little more meat then I like.  End of December all those holiday parties and end of Jan because I was trying to use up food.  So SCREW that!

I figure with my son and his fiance coming home and my other son, they can eat it.

So I pulled some of those beans out of the cupboard and cooked them.  Going to and try and stay with beans as much as possible.  Just wish I knew what type they are, bought them and then put them in jars, and remember what they are.  I am pretty sure it is red beans and a white type bean 🙂

So we had gone out to dinner the other night and I brought home, corn, muffin, potato and some bbq pork and rib tips.  I had a salad, I ate 1/2 his potato and 1/4 of chicken, which is the only meat I had for 3 days.

So yes I did use some meat, I put it in the beans I am taking to my mom and aunt, reminded me of lima beans and ham, but I NO LIKE lima beans so I used the red and white beans instead.

Then I did another batch and added corn, tomato sauce, and some meat, and taking 1/2 of that to my mom’s.

I also cooked up the potato and corn from the Doggy bag with a smidge of the meat to give it the bbq flavor and I still have a bunch of meat leftover.  So eatting vera vera little meat.

For breakfast I have a piece of fruit and then I have had eggs or french toast.  Lunch I have the heavier carbs, and dinner is either soup or salad.  Been working pretty good.

And we went for a walk on the weekend, and I used groupon for some Yoga classes, 10 for $25 dolla, so I used it.  Getting it back together.




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