Damn cat, been driving me crazy for years

posted 3/28/10

Update on my kitty.  I think I let everyone know the “he” is a “she” so while I was going with ‘Sir FlufferNutter the III’ my family was calling the cat “Zues” so now it maybe “Zuesette!”.im1.shutterfly-4

Well the Kitty likes bathtubs!  When ever we can’t find her, if you look in the tub, there she is!  What a crazy kitty! No idea why she always wants to be in it.  She also trys to “play” with dogs water!  She is constantly batting at it.

She is a whopping 3lbs at the last vet visit!  She one craaazy kitty!

Update 3/4/2016

Her name is ZuesDiva, she is such a dive, about 10lbs, looks more when fluffy.  She still gets in the tub, but she HATES water, go figure.




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