Soo here is what the DR. said

I had my blood work taken, I told her, “don’t freak out” if my Cholesterol is high, I haven’t been taken my meds, for about oh……3 months 🙂

I really , really have a hard time taking pills everyday…sigh….

So when she got the results it wasn’t too bad, Trig 154, sounds high but a few years ago they were OVER 900, the dr’s freaked….so I told her that (new doc) so she understood why I was fine with that.

In essence my Tri are high, my good Cholesterol is on the low side, my bad Cholesterol is ..of course…on the high side…but the end, well, she didn’t put me back on the pills and if I can get the Good Higher, then I can stay off, of course to get higher good Cholesterol I have to exercise 5 days a week at least 30 min a day…….darn it.

The only thing I can say, is I hate taking pills and sweating equally!….sigh, oh well, gonna kick my butt in gear, cause I don’t want no pills!

So my husband and I finally resigned at the gym, and since we are going to Machu Picchu for my 50th, I think it is great timing to get my arse in gear.  I have a blood appt in 4 months, gotta lose at least 9lbs and get that good Cholesterol up by then!  Of course we only have 6 weeks until my b-day…..lets hope we get in some shape by then.

Monday Gym

Tuesday Flake – Him, I walked dog and went to Yoga

Wednesday – Gym

Thursday flake – him , I went to Yoga

Friday – gym


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