Wow, I have been “mashing for a while”

Original Posted 2/13/2011


Ok sooo what do you do when your frig is full of leftovers from the big game?  Hmmm, the guys were eating the chicken so no worry there, almost gone the next day, the hotdogs will go shortly, cause my son won’t have to cook ’em  so its the hamburgers and fixins that are the issue.

Well, even though I am trying not to eat meat, sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do (ps I found flavored tofu, steak and garlic and herb, I got the garlic and herb, let you know when I try ’em) so not only am I trying to eat little to no meat, I am also trying to lose weight and cut out carbs….aauugghhhh

So I took a cooked hamburger, ground it up in my miniblender thing, added some fat free cream cheese and queso chesse (it no bueno by itself), but it still seemed kinda dry, so I added a can of tomatos and zuccini, blended and heated up, eat it with celery sticks!  Pretty Darn Good!

The next day I took some lettuce, tomatoe and a patty with cheese to work, cut it up in 4 pieces and had sliders without buns…I think I am at my limit on the hamburger though…gonna just throw the rest out….I can only do so much people …..

Luckily this is the only red meat I have been eatting, lots of veggie, got some low carb pasta, cheese, moving to eggs and fish, still eatting tuna, I am purposely not eatting any blue fin tuna at restaurants I look for sustainable options when necessary.

I have lost 7lbs so far 🙂


Original Posted 2/13/2011


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