Score!! Me so good!

So, we have hummus in individual containers that of course haven’t been used.  They are going to go bad and you all know how I feel about that.  So, I went online and yes there are other uses for Hummus besides dip.

So first I made a soup with hummus, veggie broth, carrots that were going to go bad, canned potatoes and oh yah, my homemade squash broth.

Then I made falefla burgers, I used almonds instead of pumpkin seeds cause I didn’t have any, and I skilled all the stuff that would make them spicy AND I used the lettuce from MY garden instead of buns.

Oh yeah,  I was On FiRe today!  So no eat, no throwing away food, and using up old items in a new way…..boom chackalacka BOOM!

Of course my cat tried to eat my lettuce, what is UP with that?  I grow her cat grass but she was all up in my lettuce leaves.  Crazy ass cat!


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