OMG…the animals are Trying to drive me coocoo!

aauugghhhh!!! I almost, (I said almost) want to go back to work…the animals are freaking driving me crazy.  My “pug” I think is a “chug”  chihuahua and pug…..body like pug face not so much.  She is freaking CRAZY, runs around, loves water, never stops.  She likes to go and stay outside, playing in her pool or digging.  She sleeps in the dog house in our room, it has a small fence around it.

At 8am she starts doing short woofs, to get me up and take her out, then she takes FoReVer to potty.  First she has to run around come back to me, run around (I have a chair out there) then she goes #1, then runs around some more and then #2.  Why can’t she do both at ONCE!!

Then she is so obnoxious, she is woofing at me the whole time I am getting her and the older dogs food ready, they don’t eat the same food.  Plus she loves to nip, and we do correct her, but she not so bright.

And now that damn cat…#1 she hates the puppy, #2 we have to close the cat door to the garage so she can come in the house, have to wait until the puppy is to big to go thru for her to go to the garage because the puppy will go thru and eat all her food…sigh…. and the puppy chases her trying to play.  So the damn cat, who still uses her litter box has been peeing in my bathroom!!!  And now, she starts either meowing outside my door at 8…so I pick up the Pug and carry her to the garage door with the cat following so she doesn’t chase the cat, I open the garage let the cat in then go to the back and let the dog down!  And if for some reason the cat gets in my room then she is “clawing” what ever she can find to wake me up!

Does this seem right to you….why won’t they just get along, why can’t they sleep later….






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