When life gives you leftovers

mash ’em up.

I think soups are the best things ever, great use for leftovers.

So I made some beans, I lost about 1 cup to floating on top, so yea it has been a while 🙂

Then I split it in two batches….and since I had some leftover corn from the bbq I added it and some mushrooms to one batch and I cooked up some lentil and put those in another.

Some times you do NOT succeed on the first try, I tried my bean only and it was bland, this coming from the “everything is spicy” person.

So I put them back on the burner and added 1/2 a piece of left over grilled chicken (cut up) and I cut up a tomato that would was gonna go bad, and boom chacklacka, much tastier!

So I am afraid the other batch is bland, so I pulled it back out (i set them out individual bowls and freeze) I pulled out my squash I froze a while ago, and I am going to add that plus the other half of the chicken, should be TaSty.

I will let you know.



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