Day 1ish – Arrive in Lima

Day one … we fly out of LAX, around 1.40pm, since we decided to do carry on’s only this trip we figured we would have less time in line.  So my husband wanted to leave 30 min or so later, I wanted to leave at the same time, we left about 15 min later and stopped for Sandwiches on the way, since neither of them will eat any airline food, Ever!

Traffic was fine until we got to the airport, then it took like 40 mins to finally get inside and dropped off, needless to say, it was a little stressful, but, Avianca flight was late (this happens on EvErY Flight) so we made it with about 10 min to spare.

Now the cool thing about Avianca is you can Bid for Business Class.  So since we were flying in legs, we skipped the first half,(LA to San Salvador) and we won the second half, (San Salvador to Lima)much wider seats and better legroom, AND we got our meals on Real plates and utensils, and we got a cool desert, AND a goodie bag with ear plugs, socks, chapstick and L ‘Occitane hand creme, and other misc goodies.

We ended up getting in around 1am in the Morning, so we had to reserve the hotel for that night so we didn’t have to wait until 1pm to check in.  We got a Suite for us and a Single room for our son.

What we didn’t expect was the HUMIDITY, WTF, come on… it was in the 70’s but pretty sticky, had to wash clothes the first day out, at least they dried so we could reuse them quickly.

Lima money is Sols, exchange was about $1 equals $3.27 sols so it was a very economical trip for eating, drinking, sightseeing and souvenirs.

Here are some pics of our room, notice the SQAURE toilet, and the GLASS wall of the tub! Although it was a jacuzzi tub and it came in handy after walking all over the next day.


So we just went to bed the am we got there and got up around 9am the next day. I can honestly say, taking the Business Class for the last leg, helped the next day not be so brutal.


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