Day 2…..25k steps at least

So are vacations are not leisurely, they are go Go GOGOGO!  So we get up, my husband gets up early and goes out and checks the area out, and they we go, we go first to Plaza De Armas, almost every Big City in has one in both Europe and South America I believe.

We check out the area and the buildings, it was very nice.  Got a snack and then went into the Museo De Arte Religioso.  Super beautiful church.

Yes I have more pictures, I will post later, don’ want to overwhelm with them

Then we went to Park Kennedy, which should be renamed Park Cat or Gato, at least 50 cats, everyone was petting and feeding them.



We had a very nice steak dinner, it was a little hard because we don’t speak Spanish much and there isn’t a lot of English spoken there.  We were lucky that one of the waiter spoke English and they had an English menu.  We ended up getting the 4 meat platter for 2 people, it was MORE then enough for all 3 of us.  It was basically 4 huge steaks on a sizzling platter with coals underneath to keep warm.  Plus it came with a big plate of fries.  These were Ruth Chris, top shelf steaks, so for all the meat, plus 1 beer, 1 glass of wine, 1 coke and 2 waters, and tip, all less then $90 US, this was a $250 meal in the states!

Then we went to the Parque De La Reserva, Highly recommend, have like 13 fountains that they light up at night and some of them you can get in, they even have changing rooms to you can change afterwards.

They would mist up and then put laser lights and pictures in the mist.

I will say there was a severe lack of LLama’s and Alpacas!  Didn’t see one all day.


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