Day 4 continues Maras & Moray

So I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I don’t like heights and I really HATE steep cliffy roads.  I hate driving the “Scenic” routes which always seem to be highways that plunge down to seas or mountains…so keep this in mind….

So after Chinchero it is off to Maras and the salt mines….so we leave the small 2 lane “highway”?  The roads are really, really bad here, and head on to a ONE line highway for traffic going 2 ways, so small sometimes they have to back up to let someone pass the other way…oh yea, I need a freaking drink now! To get to the salt mine parking lot, then you have to CLIMB down, which means I am going to have to come back up,  shit!

Luckily kind of, we were off season, so it wasn’t hot and it wasn’t humid, so the temp was ok for climbing, but most intriguing is they still mine salt here today, that is a rough job.  Have to climb all the way down, dig the pits, and mine the salt.  While we were there we saw them building/fixing one of the pits and others filling up Wheel Barrels with the salt to take back up the hill! Hard, Hard labor.

So after we climbed down, and my son and husband wandered a little farther down hill then me, we climbed back up, and went back down that “lovely” one lane of 2 way traffic on to Moray.

Moray or Muray is an archaeological site in Peru approximately 50 km northwest of Cuzco on a high plateau at about 3,500 m and just west of the village of Maras (got this from Google).  Now if I hadn’t done Chinchero & the Salt Mine I might have, MIGHT have, been able to climb all the way down to it, but the thought of climbing all the way BACK up was too much….We climbed down a little to get some good views and pictures but we didn’t go to the bottom.


And then we were back in the van and on our way to the Train Station for 1/1/2 hour train ride in the dark to Aguas Caliente….which has no cars, remember this for the next post, no freaking cars, taxies, tuk tuks, nothing, a walking city only.


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