what to do after the BBQ…..

so we had a bbq and as usual there are leftovers.  So, what to do with all that food?

I bbq’d corn and I had some left over, so I looked in my cupboard and then got online, and found a recipe for cornbread using …..yep….corn and cream corn …… of which I had a few cans sitting in the cupboard, but no cornbread mix, so again, back to the trusty internet to find a recipe to make cornbread mix, which instead of 1/4 cup of sugar, I added 1 tablespoon.  Lets face it corn is already sweet, and (doing cha cha here) it worked and came out tasty, used up almost all the left over corn!

I had a white cheddar shell mac & cheese left over, but I didn’t just want to eat it that way, so I made a modified version of tuna salad.   I used the mac n cheese, added tuna, mayo and pickle relish and had a nice tuna salad I could eat without bread.  Used it all up.

I had some chicken left over so I cut it up and make chicken quesadillas with it.

If you put your mind and internet to it, you can repurpose 🙂  your food!


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