Sometimes I feel the “grind”

of having to be relevant, witty, insightful… I am all of those things, don’t get me wrong, (hee hee) it is just doing it on “demand”.

I don’t want to overload my readers, because I really appreciate you, but I also don’t want to bore you, or go long times between posts….there in is my problem, while it may seem like it….I am not always “on”.Most of the time, but not always.

This is why I quit twitter, the pressure was WAY to much to be that witty/funny/engaging with so few words all the time….couldn’t do it.

So I try and space out my posts, and vary them, so it isn’t the same darn thing all the time.  The only time you may see posts everyday, is during my usual “gotta get healthy and lose some weight” food diaries, these help to keep me honest…..

Hope you enjoy it, also comments and suggestions are completely welcome.



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