6/9….. oh Come On….

same ‘ol same ‘ol …..get up in am, do dishes, feed dog, fill in what I ate from last night, start new day…..


breakfast – egg cheese tomato sandwich on flat bread

Lunch 1/2 – tomato soup….an not just any soup…. there was a can of the condensed stuff in the cupboard, but I added 2 tomatoes I cooked up after picking from my garden, left them chunky and then added soup with 1/2 water and 1/2 milk.   Plus  1 can greenbeans and mushrooms, however, I believe it should say “ONE mushroom sliced paper thin” because that was what it was.  So I added some real mushrooms and cooked them up.  Pretty darn good!

Dinner…. CoMe ON….are you kidding me….a steak n shake just opened so guess where we went for dinner…let’s see…. son 1 – bacon burger, fries, shake, son 2 – triple burger, fries shake, hubby – spag/chili, 2 sliders, shake – me – GARDEN freaking Salad and Diet Coke….does anyone see the problem here….my son says to me “I didn’t start eating healthy” when I grumbled about the food….sheesh…

Oh and then lets add some salt to that wound shall we, or should I say sugar!  After dinner they decided on “Nothing bundt Cake” and we all go little bundlets.  Yes I got one, but I cut it in half….I am only a human after all !!!



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