Water / Energy Conservation…

if the US and CA especially are concerned with water and energy conservation then you would think a mandate would be put in place for a few things:

  1. All Washers would have to be Front Loading – Top loaders use 40 to 27 gallons per wash, Front Loader use around 14 to 5 gallons per wash.
  2. All new homes would have to be built with enough solar panel to provide at least 50% of the electricity they will use
  3. All new homes would have to be built with “grey water” recycling, this is using water from sinks and showers for toilet water, so it gets used twice before going being flushed
  4. All homes would have water catchment systems for use watering lawns and gardens
  5. All water would be go thru a sanitation process before being released into the ocean  – no “don’t liter dumps in ocean” signs

These 4 changes would save a ton of water and electricity.  It is more efficient to add the solar and grey water, and catchment systems when building a home, rather then adding it later.

Making sure untreated water doesn’t flow in the ocean would save our oceans and add jobs to make and maintain the sanitation buildings.



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