It’s been a trying few days

the weekends are always hard, as we usually go out to eat,  I am making good choices, we went to Chili’s, they had a deal

1/2 rack ribs, salad, fries and mini dessert for $10 extra 1/2 rack for add $6 and upgrade to regular dessert for $2…… hold you horses, before you all think I have lost it…..

We both ordered the same thing, HoWeVeR….I ate both the Salads, there were 2 choices, I gave him the fries,….an duh…I had a few…..and we took the desserts home to the kids….and yes I had some, but we split in it 3rds…and I only had 1/3… there (insert dancing here).

Again, dieting doesn’t work, but thinking before you eat, and reducing portions while enjoying life is the way to go.

But of course now we are getting our house painted and it has been crazy, so most likely won’t be to many posts about my eating til we are done….main reason….I tend to forget everything I have eaten over the weekend , or past days, if I don’t get it down right away….

and between dealing with painters,  2 dogs, 1 rabbit, and a stupid ass cat, and kids, and my house exploded…..there aint gonna be a lot of time to write down as I eat.


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