My garden be growin’

woo hoo,  I have been getting tomatoes pretty good off of my plant, but now I got a complete zucchini.  I pulled off the corn cob, but it was 1/2 way full of kernals,….yea I think I was impatient.

My other squashy type thing plant is really growing, but haven’t seen any veggies yet.

And hopefully the corn will be done soon.  I have found a few bugs, but not nearly as many when they were closer to ground.  StUpiD worms, are FuGly!

All natural, no pesticides or any of that crap, surprising how much flavor home grown veggies have.

We did see a home that had a hydroponics system with plants and fish and stuff, but of course my husband didn’t like that home…blthhh


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