OMG…..I did it…..cross country

with my son, he is going to college in Billings, so we drove from CA to Billings.  We drove 12 hours the 1st day and then 6 the 2nd.

And for the record, I am a TERRIBLE passenger, I get worse as I get older for some reason.  My poor son, he is like “settle down” jeez, or his favorite, “don’t you want to take a nap?”.

We made good time, we took his clothes, a tv, and his computer and laptop.  When we got there we checked out the house, which was huge and awesome and so much less then here, then we went and got him a bed, shower curtain, and some food.

Hey Mama can’t leave him with no food!!

Then I flew back, it was a 2hr 15min flight home.

And now I am home ALL BY MYSELF, because everyone else is at work….I miss my smart arse son!



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