Delay in posting…beautiful country got in way

as you could see there was a small delay in my postings, that happens when you go cross country 🙂

It was beautiful country, the 15 (I think) had a river that ran by it a lot and we saw people fishing, rafting and horseback riding.

I saw on a “Big Sky” episode, 20 acres, 3200 sq GoRgEoUs house, solar, greenhouse and wait for it…it came with 6 horses and 2 llamas…..OMG…..I didn’t need to go to Peru I could have gone to MOntana for the llamas 🙂

For some reason my husband isn’t gonna buy it for me…sigh…. I tried !

Idaho is very pretty and lots of parks, Yellowstone is lovely and Montana breathtaking.

Of course my sons one handed driving drove me crazy and I drove him crazy, “put both hands on please”, “slow down please”, “the speed limit just changed”, ect….. we both drove about 4 hours and then switch at gas station and go.

So sorry for the blank days, “Road Trip” y’all!




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