well…darn it…kitchen mash-up

sigh….I forgot I had put my pans in the oven before I preheated it, had to take out hot pans!

Anyho….. my husband and youngest son, are CrAy CrAy, when it come to the “best by” dates, doesn’t matter if it has never been opened, they won’t eat it if they see that date.

I refuse to throw away perfectly good food, so, my husband has yogurt he hasn’t eaten and won’t eat because it is 2 days past the “best by” date……Son Of A #$%^%.

So I froze ’em when he wasn’t looking 😉

Because, yes I did, I found a recipe that I tweaked using Raspberry Yogurt for muffins.  HA!  Since I didn’t have any fresh raspberries I added, frozen blueberries, that I had put in the freezer at some earlier date. I also used up some applesauce instead of oil….so my Raspberry Yogurt Muffins with Blueberries and not only healthy (didn’t add ANY sugar), taste good, but used up items from the fridge and freezer.

Win/Win/Win baby!


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