Fallin’ down on the blog :)

I usually try to blog every other day, but between my son going to Montana for college and trying to sell the house, it has been freaking crazy.  My routine is SO messed up.

We have had to take the dogs to my mom’s for the open houses, poor Rudder has ridden in a car more this month, then the last 13 years before.  Mushu is fine with it, Rudder doesn’t really enjoy it.

I have to lock the cat in the garage, yea, that goes over well, NOT!

I have half my life in the garage, because it is too much of a hassle to take it in and out every time someone wants to see the house, on the flip side, my house has never been SO clean for So many days in a row 🙂

So, if I miss a few days, I apologize, but it is cray cray here lately!

And I still miss my smart arse boy!  If course his brother and dad have upped there arseholiness to make up for his absence…aaauugghhh


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