the “Middle Class”

we live in So Cal, one of the most expensive housing places to live.  Our house has been on the market for almost 60 days, and it is priced within range of other houses of same size.

What we find is that our house isn’t a “fixer upper” nor is it a “Show Stopper” and we have seen both, with a Fixer Upper you figure you can get it for a deal, upgrade how you like it and have equity in it, with a Show Stopper, you are like, this is perfect , nothing has to be done, move right in and start living.

Fixer Uppers are Lower cost, Show Stoppers are Higher cost, our house is in good shape, average middle class house with an average price for were we live.  We have over the years, upgraded the A/C and added vents, added double pane windows, a patio cover, carpet, tile, paint, ect….we just upgraded the bathrooms, but the kitchen could use an upgrade, but nothing drastically wrong with it, and nothing that knocks you socks off.

Why isn’t it selling,  because an average middle class house is still FREAKING expensive and I am not sure how affordable it is for most people.  That is a sad thing but true, because when we go out house hunting we get the same feeling,  not sure this is gonna sell.

Which I am fine with, hubby …. not so much 😉



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