things that make you go hmmm

so I use a site other then ebay to sell my items, they recently made some very….well….STUPID changes.

One of the worst is they haven’t linked feedback to the sale but the item.  So while you can never delete a sale from your history, you can delete an item, if you are out of stock, don’t like it, ect…

So what I found out is that you delete the item, your feedback disappears with it, this is annoying and can be used to get rid of bad feedback, which is usually there for a reason, not always but sometimes.  So I sent them a response letting them know this was happening and here is there response….basically they don’t care that you can manipulate your feedback ratings…

” xxx only wants you to have top rated items in your stock. For your benefit as well as xxx.

If a Product gets 3 or more bad ratings, the chances of it being scheduled are very slim and it would behoove the seller to remove it from their inventory since, if it did get scheduled, the buyer would see the poor star rating the product had, and probably not bid on the item, but you would still be charged the scheduling fee.

If you delete an item just to get rid of the bad reviews, why would you want to create a new listing for something that will get bad reviews again? It doesn’t make sense and you would still need to deal with any bad reviews going forward. Also, the system itself uses information on all items and if there has been poor performance, then it may not get scheduled anyway.”

hhmmmmm….I don’t think they get it…..oh well

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