As you know I am “frugal” not Cheap

however, even I can amaze myself sometimes.  I got a “deal” on groupon, I had the choice between 10 and 5 pilates reformer classes, I of course took the 10.

OMG, I so wish I had only got the 5, this shit is HARD, shit, shit, shit, and yesssss, I know it is a deal, since classes are usually 40 @ and I am spending 10@, but still, I can’t just let it go.

So  I am going to go the 10 times even if it kills me, which it just might, because these machines weren’t build for short, weak people like me.  Son Of A #@$%!.

I am only going once a week, because that is all I can handle, trying a different kind of class today, hope to jeebez it is slightly less terrifying!


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