So I am trying to be better

with my posts, but I forget….a lot….so we got the google home screen, I love it!  I tried to used the little soundy things, but if you get it wrong, you don’t know what you did wrong, now when I talk to it, I see the words and can tell why it didn’t take, or if I need to add more info.

Trust me, I have a reminder to make lunches, the cat will go outside so I will set a reminder to check on her in an hour, she can’t stay out by herself very long, she could get eatten 😦

I am putting in dr appt, and all sorts of things, so I had to change over from an Apple to Samsung phone and watch so it all works together.  I love it.  Also, on a serious note (hey it happens!) my dad had Alzheimers, this runs in families, I am hoping if that happens I will have trained my long term memory to use the google reminders and events so I don’t completely lose it.

Here’s hoping I was worried over nothing on that issue!

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