How to use those “prepper/mre/emergency” foods

you bought but haven’t needed yet, so you have to use them before they go bad.

My mom bought those “prepper” meals, so now I get to take them home and figure out how to use them so they don’t go to waste and they are better for her.

So time for some kitchen mash-up magic.  She has a bag of “potato soup”, small amount that was so thin and unappealing .  So she has a bag of cubed potatoes also, I make both of them.  I then add the two together, thickens the potato soup and flavors up the potatoes.

I split it in to 4 different flavor batches:

  • Potato/Califlower Soup – I had a head of califlower in my fridge so I used it
  • Potato/Black Bean/Chicken Soup – I had leftover beans and chicken
  • Potato/Corn/Pea/Chicken soup – I had leftover corn & chicken,  + used some of her bag of peas
  • Potato/Corn/Pea/Califlower soup – used up all the rest of the left overs!

So there is about 2/3 servings per batch, so she has 8/12 servings to add to her freezer!



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