So I am trying to be better

with my posts, but I forget….a lot….so we got the google home screen, I love it!  I tried to used the little soundy things, but if you get it wrong, you don’t know what you did wrong, now when I talk to it, I see the words and can tell why it didn’t take, or if I need to add more info.

Trust me, I have a reminder to make lunches, the cat will go outside so I will set a reminder to check on her in an hour, she can’t stay out by herself very long, she could get eatten 😦

I am putting in dr appt, and all sorts of things, so I had to change over from an Apple to Samsung phone and watch so it all works together.  I love it.  Also, on a serious note (hey it happens!) my dad had Alzheimers, this runs in families, I am hoping if that happens I will have trained my long term memory to use the google reminders and events so I don’t completely lose it.

Here’s hoping I was worried over nothing on that issue!

My Dad Died

Those following my blog know about my dad and his Alzheimers and the problem with the assisted living (death) facility.

Well my dad died on Monday Night. 

I will keep you posted, there is nothing I can do for my dad but I can’t let the rest of those in the facility stay at risk.

Letter to State Board re: Emeritus

This is gonna get UGLY folks:

Dear RCSE:



Emeritus at Brookhurst

15302 Brookhurst Street



I would like to make a complaint against Emeritus at Brookhurst, I  do not believe they are taking care of their residents. I moved my dad there from Emeritus at Fairview in Anaheim on 10/30/2008.


12/22/8 – I had to Force Emeritus @ Brookhurst to send my dad via ambulance to St. Jude Hospital for an infected spider bite.


I have another company I use Alta Home Care, when needed I send them to look in on my dad, take him to doctor appointments and out to get lunch and see his wife.  They let me know that my dad was extremely agitated because he had a rash all over and it wasn’t going away.  


Based on this info

1/26/9 –  Based on this info I had to Force Emeritus @ Brookhurst to send my dad via ambulance to Orange Coast Medical Center – he ended up in the hospital for 3 days with antibiotics trying to get rid of the rash.


In between 1/26/9 and his 2 week follow up appointment for the rash (that still hasn’t gone away) I continued to have Alta Home Care check up on my dad and see to his needs and get him to his doctors appointments. During this time he fell twice and developed a hernia, which needed surgery.


He had outpatient surgery on 3/20 for his hernia, I had Alta Home Care stay with him when he went back to Emeritus and the Care Provider let the facility know that he would need to have extra supervision for a few days to make sure everything went all right.


I received a voice message on 3/22 stating “you need to go pick up his meds from CVS”,  When I called back, they had no idea what medications they were or what CVS they were at.  I told them since they have a CVS directly across the street, they needed to find out where the meds where, get them transferred to CVS and get them picked up.  They stated that they would do that right away.


I then received a voice message on 3/24/9 stating that my dad had fallen out of his wheelchair, he was fine except for a bump on his head.  I had Alta home care go check on him on 3/25 and the caretaker found him moaning in pain in his room with diarrhea.


I had to FORCE the facility to order an ambulance to take him to the hospital  Fountain Valley, where he arrived dehydrated and in bad condition.  He has since been transferred to St. Judes where at this time he is STILL in critical condition with dehydration and an infection.


If I did not have Alta Home Care go check on my dad it is very possible he would be DEAD NOW.  This in unacceptable!


He will NOT be going back to this facility, however; there are still other residents who maybe in physical danger due to neglect.




Emeritus at Brookhurst Warning

I have had to pull my dad from Emeritus at Brookhurst, for who have been following my blog I have had problems with this place.  Since he has been there from oct 2008 he has been in the hosptial 3 times and fallen twice.

He is currently in the hospital because he is dehydrated because they weren’t caring for him.  I have Alta Care go and look in on him and he was moaning in pain, I had to FORCE the facility to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

This has been an awful experience – I will fill you in on more detail but for now – DO NOT USE BROOKHURST AT EMERITUS

It’s a SMALL world

For a lot of you who follow my blog, I post about my Dad and his alzheimers. Well a few weeks ago, I got a comment on one of the posts bitchin about D!!! from one of my DAD’s war buddies!

My dad is 83 he was in the war, his buddy was in the canadian army, he “googled” my dad and found my blog, he left me a comments looking for him.

So I sent him all the contact info for where my dad is, (his short term memory is gone, not his long term!) and my e-mail address.

His wife sent me an e-mail thanking me for the info and letting me know that her husband had gotten in touch with my dad! They were both very happy!

She is going to send me any pics she may have of them since I really don’t know much about my dad cause he didn’t raise me, or my sisters!

Talk about a small world, the bigger the net gets the smaller the world gets!

I am being held against my will!

Ok, so here is the deal, in the end, I had to move my dad out of the current facility from his physco girlfriend.

So I got a referral from Alta (GREAT CO) for “A place for Mom” (another great co!). They will give you a list of facilities that meet your needs so you aren’t on the phone ForEver!

I really like one, it was close and more of a “home” atmosphere, but of course my dad was in his “ASS” phase so he while they were waiting for me he is all “I am being held here against my will”. Aauugghhh.

I explained to him again (yes I know but it is aggravating sometimes!) that he was basically being kicked out of his current place and that he needed to move. In the end we went to a like sized facility. He didn’t want the “home” feel, he felt it was too “old homish?!” he is 83 it IS and OLD timers home!

So we took him to visit the one he is in now, and his all like, “I don’t want to move, I want to talk to my lawyer!) aauugghhhh, of course while walking around he runs into a women from the other place and so it was ok afte that!

So we are now at the new place, which is actually nice, in fact my son helped to move him and he is all, “grampa can have my room and I will live here!), oh I don’t think soo.

Days of our Alzheimers – Green Eyed Monster

The other day as my dad was all ready to visit his wife, his “girlfriend” walks into the elevator, sees him, and dumps a strawberry ensure over his head.

Needless to say he had to reshow and change to go visit his wife, I swear do men NEVER learn?? Really, at 80+ do you really need a wife and a girlfriend?

She is getting agressive and won’t leave his room, I am going to have to move him because they won’t do anything about it, jeezz what a freaking nightmare!

days of our Alzheimers – Catch 22

I am having to move my dad from where he is now because of his pyscho girlfriend.

So, he would like to move where his wife is at the nurseing home. But because he is mobile, he can’t move in there with her.

Basically as soon as he gets bad enough that he doesn’t remember he has a wife, that is when he would be able to move in with her.

HUH!!! What kind of bullshit is this? I can’t believe you can’t let the 83 year old alzheimers patient live with his 75 year old wife that had parkinsons and dementia.

Seriously, what the &^%$

Days of our Alzheimers – Naked & Demented at 80

Soo this am starts out sweLL!

I return a call from the daycare provider, and here is what happened:

When the caregiver got to my dad’s room at 8am Mxxxxx was there with NO clothes on! NO CLOTHES ON!!!!

So the caregiver tried to get her to put her clothes on and go back to her room and Mxxxxx goes crazy! Starts saying it is her room, telling them to leave and throwing my dad’s stuff out of the room.

Finally a facility attendent shows up and gets Mxxxx out of the room and to her own.

So of course my dad is late to breakfast and another attendant tries to give them shit for being late, it was the facilities fault, they are supposed to keep Mxx away!!!

Then they are questioning my dad “was mxxx there all night?” etc, hell my dad doesn’t remember!

So the daycare provider is looking into another facility, because they feel he can stay at that type no problem, mxxx is the issue making it harder on my dad.

I really need a DRINK!