Air Fryer….gotta get one

So one of the great things I heard about at WW was air frying.  So I told my hubby about it and he got me one for xmas….yes I am spoiled 🙂

My kids love it, frozen foods come out crisp in it, I like it for lots of things but the best of all…..Hard Boiled Eggs, REALLY, 10 min at 300 and they are done!

The problem, I forgot that my son also likes them, so I cook and batch and it is a race to see if I can use them before he eats them and I have to do another batch!

Doesn’t heat up the house, cuts down cooking time, so far everything has been good!  And takes little to no added oil, yum yum!

Steamy Dryer Balls

We bought a couple of these balls…here is my take

*does take wrinkles out of already dry clothes
*does make clothes soft

*doesn’t control static very well
*LOUD, the hard plastic bounces against the dryer walls and make a loud banging noise

We have stopped using them in our dryer for regular loads, but we do use them when something is wrinkled andit needs to be fluffed and de-wrinkled in the dryer.

Topsy Turvey

Sooo, I have a black thumb, but I figured Topsy Turvey how hard can it be?

It isn’t! Hee hee HEEE! I went to the gardening place down the street and got a “bush” tomotoe plant? I don’t know, plus some mulch and some plant food.

So, my genius of a husband hooks it to the patio cover, the 8ft patio cover…I am 5ft….hmm, lets see, how am I gonna water this thing?

Well….I don’t my son does 🙂 he is soooo happy about this! He keeps calling it my weed….like…..”why am I watering a weed”…. well the other day WALA itty bitty tomatoes.

Yes they are small and yess they are green….but they are there! So my husbands says it doesn’t count till we can eat ’em!

Diet Patches

Well my Diet Patch order came.  They are small, white and easy to use/hide 🙂  I read the directions and it said they may take as long as 3 days to start taking effect.

I can say it did take the 3 days, but the result was gradual.  I realized on the 4th day I almost…I said AlMost, had to force myself to eat cause I just wasn’t that hungry.

It is hard to recognize because there isn’t that “jittery” feeling like when you are taking the diet pills and there is no problem falling asleep, Thank Goodness!!

The only downside I see so far is the little suckers hurt when you take ’em off, so I stated taking them off in the shower….you just have to remember to put on back on when you are dry.

So far I have lost 1lb, pretty good for the 1st week and not doing much else…..yea, I am going to get back into yoga….soon! ( I swear!:-)

6 week makeover #2

Well, I kind of hit a platue, but I will work thru it tonight, Hot Yoga, will sweat those last lbs off!

I have been doing this for a few weeks and have lost a few lbs, but I haven’t been able to exercise like I need to, and a I fell off the food wagon for a few days.  So hopin’ back on this week.  Lets see what happens!

My pants are getting looser, gonna have to go get a belt.  Woo Hoo!

Breakfast – Turkey Sausage, banana squash muffin (made with oat flour, and splenda), fruit. (they consider the banana squash a card!)

Shape Ups – Skechers

Santa was very good to moi,  he got me a pair of White Skechers Shape Ups.  We will see if they do as they claim…..cause boy could I use the help!

But anywho…. they are very, VERY comfy and I am like 2″ TALLER when I wear them.  Woo Hoo!  I break the 5′ barrier in ’em!

It should be interesting because I started the 6 Week Make-Over, am doing my Yoga at least 1 but trying for 2 a week and the shoes.  I hope the combination will work.

Wei East Works!

As you all know I try a lot of stuff, so I am watching  HSN ’cause I can’t sleep lately and I see this pretty good deal on Wei East Facial Care.

For $30 you get 3 sets in their own little bags.  I choose them because I wanted the Chestnut Instant Lifting Serum for going out and other types of the same stuff sell for ohhh…. $50+, so I figured what did I have to lose!

I watched the whole program on a bunch of the other items…blah…blah…blah.

So I get the stuff and the first thing I did was try the Lift Serum and hey, it did fill in the lines pretty darn good, they aren’t completely gone, but hey…. if you are close enough to see ’em you better by my husband!!

Before bed that night I figured what they heck, and put on the Golden Root Renewal Nightly recovery Cream (ok now say THAT 3 times fast!), what is supposed to happen is it fixes your skin while you sleep, my biggest concern was tightness and pain.  None of which happened.

I can tell you that I am completely surprised…. happily that the stuff freakin works!  I woke up the next day looking pretty good.  The redness on my chin and cheeks was gone and the redness on my nose and above my brows dimished.

So I can give a thumbs up to those two products.  I will tell you how the rest work as I use them, I got 9 – (3) sets of 3.  Plus the pretty bags which most likely will be going on ebay soon 😉

Egg Genie

I just bought the Egg Genie and it’s freakin’ genius!

As you know my kitchen is out to get me, soooo, I avoid using it as much as possible, this makes us all happy.

Since it is summer I have been doing a lot of BarBeQ’n which I must add I am MASTER of. See what happens when your appliances like you!

I guess I should give the WHOLE kitchen a bad rap, it is really just that stupid oven!

Soo, anywho, I got my Egg Genie and made 4 hardboiled eggs, it was soo easy, put the water in, put the eggs in, close the lid and go.

It starts buzzing when done! And since there are no eggs left within 1 hr I would have to say it worked pretty dern good!

My first poached attempt failed but the second work PoyFectly!

So screw you stove (co consipirator with the oven) no more burnt pans cause the water is all gone, no more cracked eggs HAH!

Slimshot – hmmm

Well after one week on the slimshot I haven’t really seen much difference. This is depressing since I have purchased some “FitFlops” and I have been watching what I eat and exercising more.

I have another week to go, we will see what happens but right now I would say – NO Buy on the SlimShot – fizzy tablets
(Do NOT get this product confused with SlimShots, completely different product)