HA you little buggers!

I moved my plants on a table to keep the bugs away.  I need to buy some mint now to keep them away.

I noticed a plant in one of my boxes, I wasn’t sure what it was, I was just about to pull it out when I noticed some growth, HAH, it is a cherry tomato plant.

This is what happens when you just shove seeds in the dirt and forget to label it 🙂

I should have lots of the little guys soon!  Woot Woot!

My strawberry plant keeps giving me berries, and they ARE  SO SWEET!  An the little bunnies can’t get to them.

I don’t mind sharing, but eat a WHOLE berrie, not just bites out of all the berries, sheesh


Lawn birds have been slack a lackin..

So as you know, I have a garden (I know, really, I hardly ever talk about it :), and I don’t use any pesticides, I use a homemade mixture of water, soup, and mouthwash….and I leave the spiders and birds alone because they eat all the insects too.

However, as I mentioned in an earlier post, all my tomatoes turned ripe about the same time, so I pulled them off, and then pruned back the plant.  I had one baby tomato starting.

I came out the other day and some damn worm ate half of it…..shit….I couldn’t find the worm, I think the birds got it…..but obviously not soon enough…..darn slacker birds 🙂

BBQ kitchen mash-up

It has been so hot, I have been using the bbq to cook some veggies.  I got some asparagus, wrapped it in foil after adding some oil and seasonings….it was ummm ummm good, but I only ate the top 2/3’s , so I had these tougher stalks…did I throw them away….oh Hell No!

I wrapped them back up and put them in the fridge while I thought of what to do with them 🙂

Then the next day I cooked mushrooms, corn and roasted tomatoes on the bbq…..yea, that is some good eats there!

But I had some leftover tomatoes and corn, so I put those in the fridge while my I tried to figure out what to do with them.

So, HA,  I got out the asparagus and one of the tomatoes (which YES where  from my garden) and added a little broth and blended them up, but them in a pan and started to simmer them.

I then made a roux of broth, butter, milk and whole wheat flour, yes I started with just butter and flour but it got pasty so I added the milk and broth to smooth things out…

Then I added that to my soup, and then I cut the corn OFF the cob and cut up in chucks another tomato (from my garden, yes I AM proud of myself) and added that to the soup.

And now I have a wonderful, flavorful soup, full of veggie goodness and good for me!


Easy peasy way to start going vegetarian

FROZEN DINNERS….yea, you heard me, frozen dinners, I use them as a base when I am to tired (re: lazy) to cook from scratch.  They are already out there people, use them, they don’t say vegetarian, which is good because it means they are less expensive!

Now I think the box by itself isn’t quite enough, so I recommend eating a salad or soup with it as a complete dinner.

I made a cheese ravioli box, I added a whole tomato from MY garden, cut up, and some cheese, then I split a low carb pita bread and added cheese and garlic powder, and BOOM, easy peasy veggie meal.

The day before I had spaghetti with veggies & sauce box, so I added a Morning Star chicken patty,  and BOOM  chicken parmigiana , add a salad and quick tasty meal.

There are tons of these types out frozen dinners out there, most tend to be pasta based, but add some more fresh veggies and cheese and protein, they are a good, cheap, easy way to try it out.

I recommend Morning Star Farms Original Chik Pattties, because seriously, I can’t taste the difference.  They are a good to add to the frozen dinners to make a complete filling meal.



Either all at once or none at all!!

It has been smokin’ hot out here lately, and I have like 10 green tomatoes, all on the vine, so I look the other day and FINALLY they are starting to turn red, ALL of them, so that means I am going to have a shitload of tomatoes soon.

My zucchini are having issues, they get about 1/2 and then the ends start to turn yellow, ugh….I am hoping the newest will make it thru.

I am not sure if my winter melon is done or not, it doesn’t look like is has been growing, I will wait a little longer to see what happens.

I guess I will be making some more tomato soup shortly!

hmmm, secret gardening tips :)

so as you probably guessed from my last post, it is a TAD hot right now, 2nd week of 90 and above weather.

So I have been watering my plants more, but I have started putting ice on the ground next to them.  Not on the plants themselves, just around the roots and the leaves, I am hoping as the ice slowly melts it is at least keeping the plants slightly cooler then the air around them.  It seems to be working.

I had 5 squash growing, it looks like 2 are still going good, and my one round squash is still growing, but none of my tomatoes are going red, so I pulled one off and brought it inside to see if that will help.


Kitchen Mash-ups X 10

Oh yea baby…..so my tomato plant is giving of tomatoes like crazy!  I had some extra, I had some carrots that were gonna go bad, and oh yea, did I mention some fresh growing basil…hmmmm, can you see where this is heading??

Carrot Tomato Basil Soup….with 2 out of 3 ingredients out of my garden….That’s the way to do it.

So cut up the carrots, starting boiling them in some veggie broth, added FOUR, uh huh, 4 freshly grown, organic tomatoes from my garden, some garlic and let it boil then simmer.

Then I poured it into the blender and blended, then I remembered I had Basil so I went and picked some “From my Garden”, yea I like saying that 😉  then added it to the blending.

Then I made a roux, yea I know, A Roux, boomchakalaka, added my blended mixture and simmered for a little bit longer.  Unfortunately the carrots came thru more then the tomatoes so yes I cheated….ok,….you happy, but a small cheat, I added a can of tomato sauce with garlic seasoning to it and it was perfecto!

My garden be growin’

woo hoo,  I have been getting tomatoes pretty good off of my plant, but now I got a complete zucchini.  I pulled off the corn cob, but it was 1/2 way full of kernals,….yea I think I was impatient.

My other squashy type thing plant is really growing, but haven’t seen any veggies yet.

And hopefully the corn will be done soon.  I have found a few bugs, but not nearly as many when they were closer to ground.  StUpiD worms, are FuGly!

All natural, no pesticides or any of that crap, surprising how much flavor home grown veggies have.

We did see a home that had a hydroponics system with plants and fish and stuff, but of course my husband didn’t like that home…blthhh