The “mystery” garden surprises again

So I was clearing out old stuff and notice some new growth, I thought it was more beans, I thought cool, but noooo, they are bell peppers!

I had planted those a while back and they never grew, so of course I put new stuff in. Now they have decided to pop up and say HI.

They are so cute, super small little peppers, of course you know I don’t EAT peppers or onions, so I will use them to trade with others for different veggies and fruit.

Also putting the flowers in my planters has been awesome, lots of butterflys coming by to say hello.

HA, figured some of this shit out

So I tried to use the little plastic stick things that you write on for what is in your garden, I failed…..I moved my plantings but forgot what sticks when where.

So I got some larger, cardboard starter cups and WROTE on the outside with Marker…HA. Hopefully it works this time.

I have also been prepping my soil, been adding egg shells, coffee and tea, hope this works since my soil is aweful!

KM – odds n ends

So I look in the fridge, 1/2 a cucumber…wait for it…. From MY Garden! Woo Hoo! Some whipped cream cheese, pita bread. On counter, over ripe avocado..what to do?

I open the avocado and keep the good parts them add garlic powder and lemon, I don’t like onions or cilantro, so we will call it an avocado spread.

I then put the pita in a pan and heat up, as it is heating up I cut some cucumber super super thin (you can see where this is going right?).

Once the pita is warm I spread cream cheese on one side, avocado spread on the other, stuff with cucumber slices and put back on pan to crisp up on sides.

Pretty tasty pita sandwich/taco!

Note to self…Bush beans are not greenbeans!

So I guess I should really read the packages a little closer when I plant seeds…eh…..I though they were greenbeans, but they didn’t taste good, so when I pulled off a pod that look dead and opened it up, whaaaat, there was beans in it, so I looked it up on internet, sigh ….

These are beans I need to leave until the plants look dead, then take them off and shuck them. Why does everything take so LONG …..aauugghh.

On the upside, I finally have cucumbers! HA, took a while but I pulled off one the other day and have one more left.

Oh and I looked up Okra, had to move it from my netted planted since it is gonna grow like 6 feet…uuuugggghhhhh. Who knew farming was this complicated.

I maybe a TAD impatient….

sooo, I put some seeds in my planters and didn’t see anything sprout, so a few weeks later I put in some other seeds.  One set of seeds started growing, not sure which ones for a while, but know I noticed the OTHER set is growing, so now I have no idea what I got!

I think I am going to have a buttload of squashy type things, Dellica, Cucumber, Butternut, Spaghetti, lots of different type and size leaves.  Hope I have lots of people to trade with!


Left Overs KM Style sweet and savory

Think outside the flavor box!

I want carrot cake, I don’t want carrot cake calories…  I take the carrots that would go bad if not used, and cook them on stove in water, cinnamon and vanilla!  Then  I blend them up, add raisens and cook them in oatmeal, leave overnight and it is like Carrot Cake only lot less calories!

We had Persian food, with SO much leftovers.  Next time we will order two meals and 2 extra kabobs, that will feed all 4 of us, with leftovers still!

We had regular rice , a rice “cake” seriously, it looked like a cake size and height wise, but was rice with yogurt and egg, and sweet rice with fruit and spices left over, plus a tomato cucumber onion salad, and some chicken,

First off, no one will eat the salad, however, I did scrape the tomatoes off into my eggs and beans the next morning.

I combined the regular and rice cake together as they were kind of the same flavor profile.  I added this mix to my lemon Chicken soup and it was very good!

Also used this mix with hummus, chicken, peas (from my garden!) and broth for a “paella” type meal.

The sweet rice, what to do you ask?  How about rice pudding!  Yep, remember that old favorite, snazzed it right up, just added some milk and cooked on the stove!

I had a bag of root veggies leftovers, so I added them to a pan, added usual, water, vanilla, cinnamon, plus some ginger and allspice and made them with my muffin mix but used a loaf pan for a sweet muffin bread!

Who says veggies can’t be great for desert!

Boy is my garden growing…

know if I could figure out what I planted…sigh….I tried doing the signy things, but then I forgot when I moved them outdoors….I did figure out one was a beet and not peppers, have decided not to plant any more as they take up a lot of space for a little return!

I know and recognize the corn, peas, carrots, garlic and tomatoes, but I also planted squash, zuchhini and cucumbers and I have not idea which is which….so it will be a mystery until they start growing the actual veggies.  I think I also planted onions, peppers and radishes, I will keep you posted on what I get.

It will be a surprise for all of us!

Kitchen Mashup fruits and veggies

So I have carrots that are going to go bad if I don’t use them, corn from the bbq from a few days ago, bananas I froze before they went bad, raisins in the cupboard, some spaghetti sauce in a bottle, tomatoes from my plant , YEP, cherry tomatoes baby! and pineapple coconut water my husband still hasn’t drank, because ewwww, I won’t drink it! And some plain cooked spaghetti, and dried tomato basil pouch barely used.

Sooo, I cut up the carrots, PEEL ON people, in the coconut pineapple water so they will be on the sweet side.

I then look up on the internet what to do with left over cooked carrots and it says to make a puree.  But just carrot puree doesn’t really sound good, soooo…..after the carrots are cooked I put them in a pan, and add some slice up frozen banana (this is why you never throw stuff out, just freeze it until you figure out what to do with it :), and add it to the pan, let that cook for a while, mash them up and add a small amount of brown sugar, pat of butter (yes A Pat, I brought it home from dinner out somewhere :), and cook it some more.  I then blend it up, put it back in than to thicken and add the small amount of raisins from the cupboard into it.  It is damn yummy people, like a carrot cake !  Sometimes I even amaze me 🙂

Then I take the spaghetti sauce, throw it in a pan, I throw in my cherry tomatoes, I cut the corn off the cob and add that to the pan, then I throw in the spaghetti, then I add some of the dried tomato pesto, and BOOM, nice bowl of veggie pasta baby!

Yea, stupid dog woke me up early, so I figured I should clean out the fridge and  you know how I hate to waste food.

WW KMU Low Carb Veggie style

Yea, I know, I am on WW, but I also eat low carb and mostly vegetarian, but I don’t like onions and peppers, aaauuuggghhh!

So, hmmm, I have a squash from a neighbor, no idea what kind, I have canned tomatoes and some mushrooms???  And, oh , hey, Veggie Meatballs……..(light bulb!)

I pull out the can of tomatoes, I blend about 3/4 of can with some garlic, I put it in a pan and add the unblended tomatoes.  I add the veggie meatballs (3 pts for 3), while simmering I add some mushrooms.

Then I pulled out the veggie spiralizer, I cut off the neck of the squash (narrow part) and made a LOT of noodles!

I put those in a pan with some garlic and cook those up, then after a few minutes I added the veggie marinara sauce.  BOHYAH!  Huge plate of food, very low carbs and only 3pts!

You gotta think out of the box, can, bag, and yummy things happen!