Freaking tomato thief!!!!!

aaauugghhhhh……. the little thief is still eating my tomatoes,  I am bringing them in early so they can ripen in my window, safe and sound.

Why won’t he/she eat the basil or mint trying to take over my garden, why!!!!!

If they go after my one zucchini that is finally growing it may become all out war!


WW KMU Low Carb Veggie style

Yea, I know, I am on WW, but I also eat low carb and mostly vegetarian, but I don’t like onions and peppers, aaauuuggghhh!

So, hmmm, I have a squash from a neighbor, no idea what kind, I have canned tomatoes and some mushrooms???  And, oh , hey, Veggie Meatballs……..(light bulb!)

I pull out the can of tomatoes, I blend about 3/4 of can with some garlic, I put it in a pan and add the unblended tomatoes.  I add the veggie meatballs (3 pts for 3), while simmering I add some mushrooms.

Then I pulled out the veggie spiralizer, I cut off the neck of the squash (narrow part) and made a LOT of noodles!

I put those in a pan with some garlic and cook those up, then after a few minutes I added the veggie marinara sauce.  BOHYAH!  Huge plate of food, very low carbs and only 3pts!

You gotta think out of the box, can, bag, and yummy things happen!

WW Frittata recipe adjustment …

You can find recipes all over that you can adapt for WW or any reason…like…oh….you don’t have what it calls for???

  • 1 large handful baby spinach leaves, shredded – *Yeah, didn’t have these, so I used basil from my garden
  • 12 cherry tomatoes, halved – I grow tomatoes, they be very small, so I didn’t cut them up
  • *I added 2 Morning Star Sausage Patties cooked then broken up (WW 1 pt for 1 patty)
  • 10 large eggs
  • Salt and pepper, to taste – *I used Italian Seasoning instead
  • 2 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped – didn’t use cause I didn’t have it

Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C). Lightly spray a 12-cup muffin tin with cooking spray ( I use silicone muffin cups for all my baking, so much better!).

Evenly distribute the spinach or Basil 🙂 between the 12 muffin cups and top with two cherry tomato halves (to much work, just dropped them in whole).

Whisk together the eggs, salt, pepper and parsley (or in my case seasonings) in a large bowl, until blended. Transfer this mixture to a pouring jug. Carefully pour the egg mixture evenly between the 12 cups and bake for 15-20 minutes until firm and lightly golden.

*I will either do 12 eggs, since eggs are ZERO points, or only fill 6/9 cups, as they are slightly small.

** I would say, even with the Patties at most this is WW 1 pt  per 2 frittatas.

Once cooled, you can store the frittatas in the fridge.

Kayla Itsines’ Spinach and Tomato Mini Frittatas

Fruit and Veggie exchange…

I have started a fruit and veggie exchange in our neighborhood.  I was walking the dog and also when we drive, I see all sorts of fruit trees, so I went on Nextdoor (kind of like a facebook for neighborhoods) and did a shout out.

Now I am trading, mint (with is a monster, tries to take over my whole garden), basil, tomatoes, for squash, lemons, garlic and apples.

We are adding more people for more variety.  You should try it in your neighborhood.

Great way to meet new people too!

Aauugghh……so the little shit strikes again

the consensus is either a Rat or a Raccoon is the culprit (prior post of 1/2 eaten peaches in a “nest?”.

So the little shit got in my covered area and started eating my ripe tomatoes!

Some bitch!  why doesn’t it eat the mint instead, it keeps trying to take over my whole garden!

OMG…WTF…..half eaten peaches….

so I was in my garden area, and I have a table that I have two grow boxes on, I look underneath and there is a “nest” it is filled with 1/2 eaten peaches.

Now there is a peach tree in the NEIGHBORS yard, but the peaches do NOT fall in my yard.

Something is getting the peaches, bringing them into our yard and eating them.  But why only 1/2 get eaten?  Also, I think the little shit is the one eating my tomatoes!!!




HA! Damn bugs!!!

So I have been going out every AM and spraying my tomatoes with my home made but spray, found it on internet somewhere, small spray bottle, add some mouthwash and dish soap to water and spray.  Works well mostly.

So I finally brought in my tomatoes and 3 turned red finally, one still green, and one had a bite taken out of it, #$%^@#$!!!

However, I cut that area out, inspected it thoroughly, then ate it!  It was GOOD.  Stupid bugs!

I also got some greenbeans, and my sunflowers are starting to grow.  Not sure what some of the other things are that are growing, it is my mystery garden!


it was so much fun, the goats are sooo cute!  My friend went with me, my hubby was so happy he didn’t have to go!

They had 3 sessions, next time we are taking the middle session, it will be cooler and the goats a little more active.

In all it was fun, got to pet them, one tried to eat the string on my pants, uh…I need that to keep them up!

They we baaaaing, and running around, just so cute, the local 4h kids were there, they raised them and made sure they were spread out thru the crowd.

There were guys and girls there, and it was a fairly easy class, had to be because everyone just wanted to cuddle goats 🙂


Well I did it, I ordered some Ladybugs

I am hoping to put them in my garden and that they will eat all the pesky bad insects.  I hope it works.

So my potatoes (not spinach) are doing good, my tomatoes are coming back in, and some lettuce is looking good.

I have some bean plants coming up too.  I have 3 old grow boxes I am going to fill up also.

So we shall see!

Well, I thought I was growing spinach

but I wasn’t.  I put things in my garden, sometimes they don’t grow, so then I put other things and then I forgot what I put in 🙂

So I had two green things start growing, one is going good, the other the bugs won’t leave it alone.  I thought it was spinach that I had planted and never grew,  but Nope!

I finally pulled on the smaller green leaves and POTATOES!  That is right, I had some small potatoes that were kind of soft, so instead of throwing them away I put them in my garden, and BOOYAH….momma has more potatoes!  Woop Woop!

Of course I really want my spinach, but hey, at least something is growing!