working for others sucks

I try and do all my “work stuff” before my husband gets home, I also like to have all my “house” stuff done too.  That is kind of the goal, we are both done with “work” so we can enjoy each other…life is short, make the most of it!

The great thing is, I am able to stop and do things and then go back to work, so this AM, while doing my bookkeeping work, Feed the dogs and cat, do the dishes, make apple and pear dish, and get laundry done.  And this has only been in the last 3 hours, in my PJ’s!

This is also great because I am on the time electric plan, so I get all my stuff down while the cost is .11 & .18 a kilowat and not .31.  Makes a big difference on the bill.

You can work from home for a lot less then you make working out of the home, as your costs no longer have to include work clothes, gas, tolls, lunches, snacks, your time and energy to get up, and get there!

Do you have to cut down a little to make it work? Yes, but isn’t a few less diners out, a few items worth not having to work for someone else HELL YEA!  Is there a transition to be made because somehow we are what are JOB/WORK is not what we think, do, enjoy, yea, but you will find yourself and be very happy you did!


Working from Home…

I am doing bookkeeping using Quickbooks online from home for a company.

This rocks, this is what I was looking for, part-time work to keep my mind from going to mush, but I am able to work my own hours and in my pj’s if I want.

It isn’t a lot of money, but Zero vs Small, I will take small 🙂  This money will pay for my dogs meds, so I don’t have to get  a Job with a company…it will pay for small repairs around the house…so I don’t have to get an outside job, ect, ect….it is the small victories that can really pay of big.

I really believe stress is on of the biggest medical issues we have, I was at the doctors almost every month, I have maybe gone 4 times in the 3 years I have been off, if you don’t count when I broke my ankle 🙂  Before, I basically had my own room….;)

We actually have rec’d a refund every year I haven’t been working from both State and Fed…something that NEVER happened before.


What I miss most not working

Of course the number one thing would be the money, but after a few rough patches it has sorted itself out.

But the biggest thing I miss is the interaction between myself and my coworkers/friends. You saw them everyday, and communicated not just about work, but about everything.

When you first get unemployed everyone tries to stay in touch, but the reality is you all live spread out, so the one common place was work. After a while it starts to peter out.

I really miss being engaged, challenged, having something to do every day. That is why I would love a part-time job. I don’t miss any of those things enough to go out and get another high pressure job like I had, but a nice part-time job would allow me to interact with others and keep me engaged. Of course having some extra spending money would be nice to.

What I don’t miss about work is the drive…I hate the freaking freeway…auugghhh.

I don’t miss the politics that sometimes happen at larger offices. I don’t miss getting up early. I don’t miss getting sick everytime someone comes to work sick.

In the end, even with less money to spend, and having to worry sometimes about making a payment, I am happier and healthier and my family is happier also.

as they say, happy wife happy life 😉

Making lemonade out of lemons…

so, I figured I could be all pouty in my dark living room, or….I could go out side and enjoy the day in my back yard which didn’t get used much while I was working and blog.

I chose to enjoy the day, nice breeze, birds singing, butterfly’s going by….I ate my lunch out here, the dogs are snoozing in the sun, it is a nice perk of not working.

There are lots of perks to not working, there are also lots of tradeoffs, we are still working on reducing or monthly bills to the minimum.

The biggest perk by far is that I am much less stressed, hardly get sick anymore, and as they say “happy wife, happy life” 🙂

And for those that follow me, yes we are traveling this year, but we have been saving for over 1 year, plus I am using points, and deals….come on, did you really think I was gonna pay retail for my trip…silly you!

Working is expensive

It costs money to work, lets see I would have to make $1438 after taxes in order to cover what I am saving. And since I am not going to work for nothing, I would need lets say at least 2400 a month, hmmm, lots of those jobs out there right??

What happens if we find some of us can and choose to not go to work? that means there are less people looking for jobs, that means there is less workers per job, that means better wages and conditions for those who have to or choose to work.

I thought I would go crazy after a few months of not working, hah! I am almost busier now. No soaps and bon bons for me. I started a online class to teach English (groupon deal 150 hr class and I have certs), I am catching up on all the doctors visits I put off 😦 I take care of the house and myself for once.

I eat a lot better and for less. I can go grocery shopping use my deals and cook my own food. No artificial colors, preservatives. I feel the best I have in years. We tend to go for the restaurants because we are time poor and money rich (just a saying folks) but the reality is home cooked meals are better and cost less and if you can get your kids involved can bring a family closer together and increase their health.

Works takes its toll on your time, your health, your family. If you can keep a roof over your head, food on your table, and your family happy that is what counts the most.

When you are happy, your family is happy because you aren’t all grumpy and cranky 🙂

What is your Ideal weight??

What is an “Ideal Weight”? I think your “Ideal Weight” needs to be a moving target that starts with height and bone structure and then adjusts based on age, and medical history. As you age, when you have children, your body changes.

To say there is ONE weight for everyone of the same height regardless of the rest is just foolish. And obviously with the rise of anorexia, bulimia and other eating orders, it is also dangerous and destructive both physically and emotionally.

My “Ideal Weight” is 115lbs, my “Goal Weight” is 130lbs. An unrealistic, unhealthy potenially mental angish inciting weight is 100lbs. I am old enough and realistic enough to take this “Ideal Weight” with a grain of salt, but what about the girls in their teen and twenties and early thrities that see that number and think they are “Fat” when they are not, that diet when they don’t need to, what about them?

Not in the workplace doesn’t mean not working

You will work as much or more at home. Not sure why that is …:)

But there are ways to make extra cash while at home:

Testing Sites
Actual Online jobs

I list some survey sites, they aren’t going to make you rich, but they will give you those extras. Get movie or restaurant cards. You can take the surveys when the kids are down for a nap or at school.

Testing Sites.

Here is a secret I am sharing with you you get paid
$10 for every web site and $15 for every web sight tested on your mobile device. You can actually make good money on this one if you do it right.


If you have stuff sitting around you need to sell, or do you have a hobby item that you can sell, you would be surprised.

On-line jobs

Real ones, I am taking the English Teaching class, I am hoping to be able to sign up with one of the sites to teach English from home once I am done. I will keep you posted. there are legit jobs, you just have to check them out and make sure. Do NOT pay anyone to get you a job, if it sounds to good to be true then it is.

To work or Not to Work…

I guess the real question would be can you afford to work. Seriously.

I worked at the same company for 15 years. It was a small company, no 401k but we did have health benefits. When the economy tanked first we lost our bonuses, they our salaries got downsized. But at least we still had jobs, and the same thing happened to my husband, no more bonus, salary slashed, but he does have a 401k.

So we started slashing costs where we could. Changing some of the things we did. But we still had two kids to get thru HS & college. We had bills to pay that we had racked up during the “good times” ect. We managed to do it. It was hard, but we were doing it. Then out of the blue, the owner sold the company, we got nothing, not even a thank you for you many years of loyalty :(.

I was one of the lucky few who got a job with the company that bought us, but the writing was on the wall, so almost all the money I could was but towards paying off bills. We were able to clear out 1 CC and refi before I last my job this January.

Now I have been working since I was 14, #@$^ years, so I am taking my time finding a new job. I am lucky, I have this option, but as I checked my budget I realized I may be better off not working in the long run. This may be especially true for young couples with children in DayCare…do you want to be working for Daycare and Taxes??? Is that really the life you want?

I ran the tax numbers for last year with my job and again if I hadn’t been working. We owed $2402 last year in taxes, if I hadn’t worked we get ready for this… we would have got a refund of $9210.. HUH, that is a $13612 difference. (my children are older now and one is out of the house so not that many dependants any more)

WTF….basically by not working I am saving $1134 a month in taxes. That got me thinking, I now only go thru 1 tank of gas a month instead of 4, $150 savings. I called my insurance agent and let him know I longer drove a large amount of miles saved $10 a month on insurance. I no longer get a Diet Coke every morning before work, but I still get a few, so at $2 x 8 = 16x 4 = $64 savings. I did take my lunch at least 3 times a week but I no longer eat out so that is $80 savings a month. Plus I used the toll road about 1/2 the time so $100 savings. Lets see $1438 a month in Savings so far.

This doesn’t include the wear and tear on the car (1 set of tires a year). This doesn’t include the fact that I am no longer stressed and haven’t been sick since I lost my job. I used to be at the doctors almost every month because people would come to work sick and spread it around. I don’t have to worry about getting new clothes all the time or shoes. I don’t have worry about being late or dealing with assholes at work.

If you have young kids you have more dependants, you also have high daycare costs and the stress of getting them there and you to work…can you really afford to work?

Will you have to give up things, most likely, or just find alternative. We still go to the movies, only we do matinees on the weekends, not nights they are cheaper. We still do out to eat, we do quick serves in stead of fancy and always use coupons. We still go on vacation, eat out and enjoy life. We have just adjusted a bit. And I have to say we are in better shape finance and physical wise then we have been in a long time.

So I am looking for a job that will engage me and make we excited to go to work. But if I don’t find it quickly or at all I am not to worried as so far nothing has really changed.

So sit down and really crunch those numbers and make sure you can afford to work.

Tell Young girls the real reasons not to sex….

It is amazing how much we hear about sex happening between teenagers in jr. high and H.S. It is time someone tells some hard truths. One thing everyone needs to realize, LIfe is NOT Fair, you are going to have to get used to it:

Girls – If you have sex you are a Slut,
If He has sex he is Cool!

The only way you are going to marry the first guy you have sex with is if you are having sex on your honeymoon.

Best reason not to have sex – If you have sex with one boyfriend, ALL boyfriends will expect sex, otherwise they will say “you must of liked ?? better, you had sex with him, why not with me?,” it will be a vicious cycle you will not be able to stop.

Is 18 min of sex with 18 years of responsiblity?

Is the guy you are with right now really worth dying for, or having an embarrasing disease you will have to tell your future boyfriends and husband about?

If you are in Jr. High or H.S. and an older guy, is interested in you do NOT be happy, RUN there is something wrong with him if he can”t have a relationship with someone his own age.

A “Blow Job” is actually “Oral Sex”, SEX being the operative word here, it is amazing what lines guys will come up with to get off. You might not be able to get pregnant from Oral Sex but you CAN catch a disease.

Also, what do you, as the girl get out of Oral Sex?? The chances of a teenage boy recipricating the act is SLIM and NONE, so he gets off and you get what? A mouthful, woohoo, sounds like a crummy deal if you ask me.

Will some guys dump you if you won”t have sex with them, yes of course, but they will dump you after you have had sex with them too, soo why bother.

Sex should be longer then 15 min, not sure if guys know that or not, but the fact of the matter is as teenages they don”t care. The chance of a young girl getting the same satisfaction from the act is slim and none.

The old saying really is true “Girls use sex to get love, Boys use love to get sex”.

There are very few consequences for boys who have sex, there are ALOT of consequences for girls who have sex. Sorry, just the way it is.

Girls wake up and smell the reality,saying no may be hard but in the long run, you will be healthier & happier, and if he REALLY loves you, he will wait!

Wood Turning Pens for My Mom in honor of my Dad

My dad was a great wood worker. He made rocking horses or in my case a rocking unicorn 🙂 He made my boys cradle (made it thru two cross country moves before it was broken beyond repair 😦 He also made a cradle for my best friend, a little different but still made with love. She passed away but her daughter is expecting and she is using the cradle my dad made for her for her daughter. It makes me sad that neither Daveen or my Dad will be here to see her use it 😦

He made the “cow” toy chest, I have a picture of the boys at 2 & 4 and then again at 20 & 24 on it 🙂 We still have it, it needs some repair, not sure how yet.

In his later years he made us the dog house with the fence with a platform for the kitty. We had to bring it thru the window of the kitchen, but it stopped the dogs from messing in the kitchen all the time!

That was his last big item, he turned to clocks and pens and pull toys.

Since he passed away his tools have been sitting in the garage. So, after many hints from my mom, went to a pen turning class. It came out all right.


Not quite a cradle or dog house, but it is a start. So I went down last week and made a few more pens with the ones he started before he got to sick to finish them and passed away.

This is making my mom happy, and as long as I don’t lose any digits I like doing it. It is harder then it seemed in the classes cause I had to do all the work. But it is satisfying to see it take shape and know that my dad it watching and helping me.