Not sure I like the new wordpress upgrade

I will sometimes write a few future posts, and I used to be able to see what days had a post scheduled when I went to add a new one, that no longer is available.

They have also made it hard to find the tags and categories, and pictures.

If I could figure out how to get to the old version I would…alas I will just suffer and not in silence 🙂

Why fix something when it isn’t broken???


We got narced on, AHoles!

We recently got a letter from HOA (which I  am not a fan of HOA’s, but alas, this house is in one) that the drought was over, water restrictions were lifted so lawns should be nice again.

I told my husband we needed to do the hilly area in the front, it was kinda dead and needed help, we planned to do it this April.

BUT NO, got a letter some Ahole complained, really, you pansy ass narcs, kiss me ass, if I knew who it was….oooohhhhhhh… we had to get it done.  And screw you Narco’s it looks damn good, just so pissed, freakin ass HOA freaks!

O….M….G….. freaking pilates groupon deal

so I decided to try the boot camp, instead of the pilates class……it is easier in the sense I don’t have to try and balance on the machine, or keep the side thingies with me, but it is SO MUCH harder work, I am to old to do jumping Jacks….come on!  and using the TRX hanging things, lots of squats, pushups, ect.

I go thru it, but I was so scarred, that I haven’t gone back to any classes…ok that isn’t completely true, we were on vacation last week, and I just didn’t feel like it this week.


Trying to decided which class to take next…the hard one, or the harder one, SHIT!  Should have taken the 5 class one, I would be done know, at least I got my moneys worth.

Fantasy Freaking Football …..auugghhh

yes, I have no idea what I am doing, I have a kind of idea, and I asked my son what positions there are so I could figure out what guys I needed.

I just needed to figure out how to DO the draft, now WHO to draft.  I need help figuring out how to drop and add players, not who to drop or add.  And you wonder why I am cranky when I lose…REALLY!


I did some research, kind of, on those who might be sleepers, so no DEAR, I don’t want your help, why does this make you crazy?  Know what makes me crazy, having to take someone I don’t want because you are sure I don’t know what I am doing, and then having my guy on the bench getting more points then the other guy.

So I just refigured my team, on my own, while he was at work, and we will see what happens, but since I am 0-2 I am most likely screwed anyway. %$^&*&^

I should have taken Tebow like I wanted!

I so hope it gets better next year….lets recap

Garbage disposer goes out – replaced by Hubby and Son

about 1 month later

Bathroom springs a leak – replaced from people who did our repipe in 2004 (keep all receipts for things like that people) – first came out cut holes in wall – patched leak – (while here got the news that tub is leaking..sigh) 5 days later wall patch done

2 days later

Heater stops working – think it is heater, find out it is thermostat, had to call plumber to do, without heat for 3 days, thermostat fixed on same day walls patched

1 week later

the hose part of the kitchen sink facet starts leaking water every time water is turned on – while at store getting replacement facet son calls, the water in the front yard is shooting up flooding the lawn…very lucky because the Water Department is across the street for a neighbor call, see’s the geyser and turns off the irrigation water

Sink facet replaced by Hubby and Son, water still of in front yard, going to see if the gardner can fix it.

This is ridiculous, sounds like someone writing for a sitcom…..aauugghhhhhhh!!!


ReAlY??? Come on….it looks so festive right

Well it would be if we turned on the fire for the ambiance and holiday cheer..but NO we turn it on because our thermostat broke and we are freezing are Arses off!   Ho Ho to me….



So now on I have to wait a few days to get the wholes in my walls patched (from the pin hole leak) and to get the thermostat fixed…we went to Target and got some heaters to see us thru.  Sigh….this wasn’t the holiday craziness I was thinking of 🙂  oh well, I know I have it so much better then some, so I count my blessing I have walls to get holes in and that I have heaters to keep the chill away.




well, heck, when it rains it pours….

Yesterday my son calls me in to his bathroom and says “listen”, we heard a weird sound, like sand going down something.  We couldn’t hear it any where else in the house.

I walked around and found the carpet wet in our bedroom, which is by the bathroom, it is weird, no noise could be heard unless you put your ear up to where there was a drilled hole where some electric cords came into the room then you could hear it.

Woo Hoo, pin hole leak in the pipe.  I did how ever keep the paperwork from the last time we had a leak, 2004, we have a lifetime gaureentee so I called them and they came out.  (I am so organized sometimes it is scary) plus I don’t want to do a homeowner claim, as last time I did that, they didn’t “cancel” us, they just “CHOSE” not to renew us, after 15 years with no claims, what a bunch of BULLSHITE!

So know I have wet carpet and holes in my walls, such a festive time over here, and then the guy who fixed the stuff, let us know the tub is also leaking, we knew we had to replace it, (at least 25 yrs old) but we were hoping to wait a while, guess not, so, wonder what I am getting for xmas now 🙂

They always say America is fast paced – you need to “leave” to

slow down. And I think they are right. But the real question is “WHY”? As I go into my second year of unemployment, I think I know why (for a majority, not all) GUILT!

Stupid, misplaced, ingrained, Guilt. Think about it, I have been unemployed, I can afford to be unemployed, and yet when I try to enjoy it ie, go outside and drink some tea and enjoy the birds and the day, I feel guilty, in the back of my mind, it is like …..(hey, shouldn’t you be doing the dishes, washing the floor, taking the dogs for a walk (ok maybe I should feel guilty about that one)….it seems like I am NOT supposed to enjoy doing nothing. It isn’t right.

We wonder why are kids are so crazy, stressed out, can’t seem to entertain themselves doing nothing…’cause we don’t let them, think about it….typical day for a current child

Get up
Go to school
go to …You add what you like (sports, dance, music)
somewhere here is lunch
come home do ….homework, practice
somewhere in here is dinner
REPEAT….on weekends….Game, Recital, Show
Repeat, repeat, repeat

no downtime here…constantly on the go…they also see their parents constantly on the go

Getting the kids up
get the kids fed
get the kids to school
to to work (hopefully)
Get home from work (under 40 hrs, but commutes can add hours)
and somewhere before bed:

get the kids to practice

So this all seems normal to everyone, and those who aren’t doing this are “lazy” “uninvolved” ect…hell no I say they are the smart ones.

Everyone, kids and adults need down time, do nothing time, go to the beach, the park, not for sports but for NO reason, no clocks, no points, no referees, just aaahhhh…isn’t this a nice day to run around and do nothing.

There shouldn’t be guilt associated for doing nothing, occasionally, doing nothing all the time is a whole nother post 🙂

So get off the computer, or not, but get something to drink, go outside (or to a cafe, or park) and just enjoy….enjoy the day, enjoy your home, enjoy your family…..just aaaahhhhh, it for a minute….or as long as you can ignore that damn guilt in the back of your mind….I wish it would just go away!

Guilt what is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again…..

think it