Stupid Arse Spiders….yuk

Yesterday I wanted to plug in my car, I walk out and nearly run into a black widow, YES, freaking black widow spider in a big ass web from the garage to the front of my car…so I figure I will go around to the other side, and there is ANOTHER freaking spider web with a black widow spider in it, so I turned around and went back in the house…I complained to my husband and he went out and plugged it in. ¬†Such a wonderful hubby!

Gas is going up for everyone but meeeeeee :)

I love my electric Fiat, I swear it is like driving a Hotwheel……watch out…here I come, what me sail past all the Gas stations, ’cause I don’t need none.

Beep Beep Suckarssss ūüôā

I love being able to drive short distances and come back with MORE miles then I started with!  However, long trips with a/c on cut mileage by about 30%.  Still works for me, I was in the Car Pool Lane Today!


so we got the notice that our electric would be out and we couldn’t park on the street.

So my Fiat E is in the garage, my son parked in my husbands spot and I parked the Bug I haven’t turned in yet next to it.

Hubby parked on the street because he would be gone by the time they started to work on the street.

So my son goes to leave but comes back in because an Truck is blocking his car in the drive (we have an electric box thingy by our driveway) so he takes my Bug. ¬†I told him that is fine I will just drive my Fiat. ¬†But when I go to leave, the electricity is still off and I CAN’T get my Electric Garage Door Open to drive my electric car!!!!

Come on already, and to add insult to injury the electric was supposed to be off from 8 to 3pm, it didn’t come back on it 8PM.

My adventures with my E car continue

So I unplugged my car, got the cat, put her in the kitchen, locked all the doors, opened the garage and left.

I come home, I don’t open the garage door, because of the stupid cat, I come inside and I find the door between the kitchen and living room and the rest of the house is locked. ¬†AAUUGGG. ¬†There is no key it just has a stupid round hole.

So I figure I will go around and open the kitchen door in the back, I go around the house and realize I can’t reach the gate lock on the other side (being 5′ 3/4 has some disadvantages) so luckily the a/c unit is there so I have to climb on it to reach over and open the gate, I get to the kitchen door and realize, I don’t have a key, I tried everyone and none fit..SHIT!

So I go back inside, find a wire hanger, straighten it and try to poke open the door to the kitchen, that doesn’t work either. ¬†CRAP…now the dogs are whinning and barking cause they know I am home.

So I go to my car, and use the garage opener, the door to the kitchen is locked OF COURSE with no keyhole but that stupid round hole, so I have to go back inside the house and get my hangar and I am finally able to pop that open. ¬†I let the dogs in the back to go potty and then of course now I am freaking out because I can’t find that stupid ass cat!

So I get the bag of treats and start shaking them, she finally shows up from where ever she was hiding. SAC!!

At least my car is awesome, (unlike the cat) when I left I had a full charge of 83 miles, when I got to the restaurant 15 miles aways I had 88 miles ūüôā ¬†Of course this was without using the A/C, it does drain the battery.

I decided to use the a/c on the way home to compare and I had 65 miles left when I got home.  So you can see I will be using the A/C only when I really need to on long trips, driving around town I can use it no problem.

My adventures with an Electric Car….

There are some adjustments that need to made for an electric car, plugging it in is one. ¬† We have NEVER used our garage for a car, NEVER. ¬†So first thing I we needed to get the garage door fixed (it didn’t work, but we hardly ever used it, so it was no big deal ūüėČ

Second we had to make room for the electric car, this meant getting rid of some stuff and since I have been wanting to “downsize” this was a perfect op to take some things to good will.

What we found out is the cat HATES the garage door when it opens and freaks out, so we need to bring her in before we open the door, this is the most annoying thing so far….damn cat!

Vroom Vroom …… got an electric car!

so as you all know (or maybe not) my lease was coming up on my VW Bug. ¬†I liked it, but I was working when I got it and now I am not. ¬†So I didn’t even put 14k miles in 3 years.

So we went looking at Electric Cars.  The good thing there was a lot of deals on them.

I drove the BMWi3. ¬†So freaking great! ¬†Quick, responsive everything you want from a BMW. The only thing I didn’t like is when you took your foot of the pedal it basically stopped the car, not a lot of coasting. ¬†But of course the BMW would be more then I am paying now.

I drove the Kia Soul Ev and the Golf E.  I really liked how high I sit in the Soul, I liked the look, the interior space and the Blue and White ones. It is like a small SUV, very quick and responsive. the Golf E, is a Golf but electric, great get up and go, but boooring.  Sorry I had a smurf blue mini and a yellow bug, this is a great family car, but not for me.  The cost would have been about the same per month.

I drove the Fiat 500E.  Small, fast, loaded, very responsive, almost to much so steering.  Very Fun to drive, like the Soul.  I bought the Fiat because I liked it and it comes in fun colors, I have Blue with Orange accents!  and  because in the end, while I liked all the above cars, this one saves me OVER $100 a month!

If I could have gotten the Beemer for the same as the Bug ¬†I would have, but I didn’t like it $300 more, and I didn’t like the Soul $200 more of the Golf $100 more then I like the Fiat.

I don’t drive that much, why do I want that money sitting in my driveway when I can use it for other things??