Sooo, I am a grammy, OMG……

it has been a little crazy.  My son and his wife, who had a 20% chance of conceiving have a new little boy!  He was born a few weeks early, but he is home now, of course I can’t hold him yet, but we did see him a few times in the NICU before the lockdown!

Even in the craziest of times, there is still hope love and joy around!

Birthdays for Adult children can be…

difficult.  Unless they ask for something specific what are you going to get them?

I was talking to my son, who is turning 27, so has been off our INS for a while, about getting his Dental Checkup.  He said, “my birthday is coming up, why don’t you do that for me?”.

So I did!  They have a deal for 1st time clients at our dental office, so that is what he is getting.  Something he needs and wants, have to think outside the box when they get older!

Of course his standard answer when I ask him what he wants is usually ” you can get me a new car and a new house”  my answer is always ” yea, I will add that to the list of things to get when we win the lottery!”

Ahhhh, family!

So we went to Egypt and Greece for about

11 days, it was awesome, it was HOT!  Also, very, very Safe in Egypt and the people are super friendly.  I highly recommend Memphis Tours, they were AWESOME and very reasonable price, I would suggest NOT going in July, we only did it because my husband wanted to be somewhere cool on his 55th birthday, yeah, “cool” it was not, 105 to 110 while we where there.  But at least the crowds were low!

Also, I don’t recommend Greece after Egypt, because as cool as Athens was, it really wasn’t as impressive after seeing Egypt 🙂

But the best thing, when we got home, the kids had cleaned and organized the garage and redid the cupboards!

It is great, really organized, I have only had to make a few adjustments back.

I really need to leave every 3 months or so, if I can come back to this all the time!

OMG…..what happened to my husband…

he has been swapped with a “new and improved” version!?!?!

So I think I might have mentioned in the past how bad of eaters my boys are, and my hubby has always been the worst!

Quick recap, when we got married he ate  things, seriously,

  • Oscar Meyer Hotdogs ONLY, 3 different ways, Boiled on bread with chili, split in 1/2 and fried and put on bread, or cooked in stove till burnt in bun.
  • Cube steak, breaded in crackers and DEEP Fried in oil
  • Tacos (WT tacos) – Plain ground beef, corn tortillas semi cooked in oil , with Mayo …..YEAH freaking Mayonaise spread on the soft oil shell, and this is the best, I had to take individually wrapped american cheese and GRATE it, do you have any idea how hard that is?

No veggies, no fruit, just this shit!

I put my foot down on the taco’s once I got pregnant, first I swapped out the freaking sliced cheese for hard cheese, easier to grate and better for you.  Then I swapped out the fry in oil to steam in microwave, however TO THIS DAY, he puts mayo on the shells and uses plain ground beef!!!!

He slowly added to what he would eat, because well, I wasn’t gonna eat this crap and I wasn’t gonna make two meals either.

He got better once he started eating chicken and rice, but seriously, corn , potato, apple and banana’s, rarely was all I could get him to eat.  I was able to get him to add shrimp to his meals and he has always eaten hamburgers and steak.

Now 32 years later, he discovers salads, he is like “why did you hide salads from me all these years?”  WTF!, I eat them all the time, but he finally decided to “choke” it down and know not only is he eating salads….he is taking them for lunch….hell has frozen over!

And, he started trying some veggies, he will get green beans or asparagas when we go out, and he will now eat peppers and onions, however I HATE peppers and onions.

So not only is he eating them when we are out, he is cooking them at home also, because there is no way for me to tell if they are done or not!

Wish it wouldn’t have taken him half his life to start eating better, but hopefully this will make the later years healthier for him.  I have to say it is pretty sad when it is ME that has an issue at a restaurant instead of him for once, they put freaking onions and peppers in everything!

Well…kinda empty nesting..

so my older son and his wife have moved out, and my younger son and his GF moved in, but now everyone has full time jobs, and it truly seems like an empty nest sometimes.

Sigh… no likey!!!  I guess the good thing is, we enjoy spending time with our grown kids, they aren’t arsehole….they can act like one sometimes, but for the most part they are really good kids.

So I guess we did alright as parents….you do your best and then just hope like heck they go out and become nice, upstanding adults.  If they do Yeah, if they don’t Shit, but in the end, they are their own person!

I really think a full time empty nest is gonna freak me out, aaauugghhhhhh!

At least my doggies can’t leave me 🙂