Food Diary 6/10 …..aauuugghhh

yesterday was a freaking RiDiCuLuS dinner and dessert, hopefully it will be easier today…stupid family, eating that crap in front of me….now I know, I could have stayed home, but it is very rare to get everyone to eat together, and my younger son is going to college out of state….so I wasn’t going to miss it.



6/9….. oh Come On….

same ‘ol same ‘ol …..get up in am, do dishes, feed dog, fill in what I ate from last night, start new day…..


breakfast – egg cheese tomato sandwich on flat bread

Lunch 1/2 – tomato soup….an not just any soup…. there was a can of the condensed stuff in the cupboard, but I added 2 tomatoes I cooked up after picking from my garden, left them chunky and then added soup with 1/2 water and 1/2 milk.   Plus  1 can greenbeans and mushrooms, however, I believe it should say “ONE mushroom sliced paper thin” because that was what it was.  So I added some real mushrooms and cooked them up.  Pretty darn good!

Dinner…. CoMe ON….are you kidding me….a steak n shake just opened so guess where we went for dinner…let’s see…. son 1 – bacon burger, fries, shake, son 2 – triple burger, fries shake, hubby – spag/chili, 2 sliders, shake – me – GARDEN freaking Salad and Diet Coke….does anyone see the problem here….my son says to me “I didn’t start eating healthy” when I grumbled about the food….sheesh…

Oh and then lets add some salt to that wound shall we, or should I say sugar!  After dinner they decided on “Nothing bundt Cake” and we all go little bundlets.  Yes I got one, but I cut it in half….I am only a human after all !!!


6/8 it continues….

get up in am, do dishes, feed dog, fill in what I ate from last night, start new day…..


Walk Dog

Breakfast –  1/3 noosa yogurt (high in carbs so split in 3)

Lunch – flatbread PBJ sandwich

Vacuumed Living Room and Hall, then ran the Steam Cleaner over Lving Room and Hall

Snack – (1/2) 3 Musketers bar

Dinner – Wienerschnitzel….and before you go crazy, I had a Kraut Dog – 250 Cal and Corn Dog 23o Cal – so not the greatest in nutrients, but Low Cal 🙂

Dessert – Carrot Sticks



yeah, I know, I skipped 6/6…..maybe just maybe  there is a reason for that,… anywho…

Got up – did dishes, fed dog,

Did Yoga, Walked Dog

Breakfast – 1/2 low carb flatbread, 1/4 avocado (spread on said bread) and one egg (cage free, veggie fed) also on bread, roll up and enjoy

Lunch – partie un – Grapefruit with granola, NOT sugar, sugar kind of defeats the whole purpose of grapefruit right?

Lunch – partie deux – 1/2 low carb flatbread, peanut butter and jelly – helps to with the snacking and sweets at once

Dinner – Lettuce wrap sandwich – avocado, cream cheese, pickles, tomato, spouts, bacon

So as I am munching my carrot sticks for dessert, my husband wants to go on a “dessert” run.  So we got to the store and come back with Double Stuff Oreo’s……OMFG….really, you have no idea how bad I wanted those cookies, but nooooooo….I was good, I got me a low carb cinnamon bun yogurt, added a teaspoon of granola and ONE (1) cookie… was so delish, but I stopped at one.






6/3 food diary/exercise log

I will try and remember to post, keeping a log helps to control what I eat….’cause people will see what I eat 😉  and I forget how long, or how many days, so I will date it, but the days will be behind the posts….sorry

Breakfast – Oatmeal made in advance – see 6/2 post

I am splitting my lunches in two to help stave off the snackies I always get


1/2 lunch – 1 c soup – ate the rest of it….all gone now

1/2 lunch – 1/2 c cheerios with strawberries and black berries

The fruit needs to be eaten because I made it for lunches but because of the Monday holiday, made to much.

and….I forgot to enter info and know I can’t remember……%$^*!




6/2 – Food/Exercise & Kitchen Mash-up

So, in order to really eat right you have to admit what type of food person you are…I am a snacker…..and impatient….remember attention span of a gnat!  I have to prepare my snacks and other foods so they are quick and easy to get to.

This also helps with my kitchen-mashups….”how you ask” let me show you.

I need to eat a hearty breakfast….Oatmeal is good but BlAnD….so hmmm…let’s see what we have in the fridge….aha…..dates, pineapple, cherries….need to use them before they go bad….ok…here we go:

I made the oatmeal with water and Vanilla soy milk, while this was cooking, I chopped up all the fruit, added a little water and let it boil the fruit soft, then I mixed that in with the oatmeal and WALAH….the same tasty oatmeal as some restaurant places with no extra sugar added, good source of fiber and not to bad on carbs….plus I can eat it HOT or Cold depending on my mood.

Breakfast – 1/2 c fruited oatmeal

Lunch – Low carb wrap with – lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, cheese

Exercise – 20 min of Yoga Stretches

Lunch – 1/2 c   Chicken Corn Baby Potato soup  – here is the story about this mash-up:

we bought one of those already cooked chickens from the store, but….heLLoooo, they aren’t already cut up…so YUK….I had to do it, poorly I may add…so it was so so and I had a lot of meat left over.  I also bought one of those aluminum dishes of small baby garlic potatoes to go with….yea, well,…..that was a failure also…so, you know my usual solution …make a soup out of it!

So I pulled all the meat off and put in a pot with 1/2 water 1/2 veggie broth, then added i cut up the potatoes and added them since they already had a flavoring on them, and then I added some left over corn on the cob nibblets and there you have it, a souper soup 🙂

Dinner was….no judging here, we were out looking at houses, so Micky D’s it was, but I had a GRilled Chicken Sandwich and we shared the fries

A few carrot sticks were for dessert.






Everyone knows what time it is right?

Back on the watching what I eat and exercise wagon!  I don’t say diet, cause they don’t work.  When I just take the time…that is the key…take the time…to do it right, the weight comes off.

So ….some of that is bullshit…..I am doing exercise – yoga – again because my back has started hurting again….when I do Yoga no pain, no Yoga…Pain.

You can find lots of youtube videos so I can do it at home for FREE…  so yea, I need go to the gym for cardio…but the Yoga is really what I needed right now 😉

So since I am going to exercise and yoga, might as well start watching what I eat as well…less weight to carry is always a good thing.

Get ready….its going to be a WiLd ride 🙂

Exercise and Food update…

I got a good deal, $25 for 10 yoga classes that I can take up to 45 days to use.  So I went to “Happy Hour” yoga 5:30 – 6:30….yea not so happy for me, lots of planks and downward dogs,  I have bad wrists and it hurts to keep the pose….so no more Happy Hr for me.  So  a week, yes….sigh….a week later (that is why I am happy I have 45 days!) I did the Yoga for Flexibility, much easier then Happy Hour but still a little more work then my old yoga place.  But my plan was up and I am trying out new places.  Will see what their other classes are like and let you know.

On the food front, been eating a LOT more fruits and veggies, got my flat bread that has 60 cal and 4 carbs for my sandwiches….woohoo!  Got a few grapefruits, gonna try those again, but I cut it up, added 1/2 teaspoon of unprocessed sugar and other fruits to cut the “pucker”.  In addition, I have some granola that is all broken up so I took some of the fruit mix and put a little of the granola on top, and voila…..nummies!

Right now I had cauliflower steaming and some already cooked potatoes and going to mix them together for mashed potatoes that have less carbs and more nutrients!  “cause the cauliflower was going to go bad and so were the potatoes and you know how I hate to throw out food, might as well be lighting my money on FiRe!

So we went to dinner and I brought back aforementioned potato and some grilled veggies, and I had recently made celery soup, basically cooked celery so it wouldn’t go bad with some veggie broth, garlic and ginger.  So I cut up 1/2 the potato and the veggies and added them the celery base…and what do you know, pretty darn good.  So I am using up the other half plus another potato I made the other day with the cauliflower.



Amazing what a little change can do

I really believe in eating less meat, diary and poultry.  It is better for the environment and your body.  But do I believe you have to turn into a complete vegan or vegetarian?….only if you want to.  Here is an example that shows it is also good for your pocket book.

My husband and I went out to eat, he bought the 3 meat platter, 1/2 chicken, pulled pork and beef ends.  I got the side salad on happy hour and it was huge!  So remember his meal is for one, maybe 2 people, he got corn and a potato as sides and it comes with free biscuits.

I had my salad, 1/2 of his potato, 1 beef tip and a little pulled port, plus 1/4 chicken (leg & thigh), I don’t like white meat, he doesn’t like dark meat (a match made in heaven :), he ate more of the beef tip and  pulled port, plus 1/4 chicken (breast & wing), potato and we had left overs.

We went out the next night and I had fish and he had shrimp, but I had zucchini and potato left over.

Now the left overs from the first restaurant included a good amount of meat, 1 biscuit, 2 pieces of corn.   Plus I had zucchini and potato from 2nd restaurant. So I could have made this 1 more meal.  Instead I did the following:

I had cooked up some beans, kinda like ham and beans, and I used some of that meat instead of ham to give it some flavor.   About 3 servings.

I cooked up some more beans and cut the corn off the cobb and added it plus some tomato sauce and some of the meat to add some more flavor.  About 6 servings.

Heated up the potato and added the meat on top, ate with a salad.

Cut up the zucchini mixed with corn off the cobb, heated it up and ate it with the biscuits and rest of the meat.

So if you count eating the meat at the restaurant (2 servings) plus the soup (9 servings) plus with potato and biscuit (2 servings) we got 13 servings of meat, from something that was considered 1 or 2 servings at the most.

So that meal cost $23/2 = $11.50 instead $23/13 = $1.76 – so even with the beans, which I bought dried and soaked and cooked, that maybe make is $2.00 a serving.  (my salad was $4.95 and we had a gift card from xmas so it was really free 🙂

But you can see what a savings you get when you don’t make meat the “main course” but make the “whole” meal  the main course.  Better for you wallet, body, and earth, that is a Slam Dunk if there ever was one.

So I don’t think you really need to go meat free, just reduce the amount you eat. Your body, wallet will thank you for it.