HA you little buggers!

I moved my plants on a table to keep the bugs away.  I need to buy some mint now to keep them away.

I noticed a plant in one of my boxes, I wasn’t sure what it was, I was just about to pull it out when I noticed some growth, HAH, it is a cherry tomato plant.

This is what happens when you just shove seeds in the dirt and forget to label it 🙂

I should have lots of the little guys soon!  Woot Woot!

My strawberry plant keeps giving me berries, and they ARE  SO SWEET!  An the little bunnies can’t get to them.

I don’t mind sharing, but eat a WHOLE berrie, not just bites out of all the berries, sheesh


Going all HealhTea…

so as you may or maynot know, lots of healthy alternatives to drugs are teas…the downside is some of them taste like $%#^!

Now I like tea, and I constantly have a pot of Iced Tea available…I usually add fruit/herbal teas to flavor instead of sugar.  Well one day it hit me, instead of forcing down the good tea, that tastes bad, I just added it to my regular pot of tea….and YEA…..it works, it may take a little longer to get it all in, but I do.

So, if you like tea, and you want to do the natural path instead of drugs….add it to the tea you already like, it may taste a little different, but it should be a lot better overall, plus you will actually drink it 🙂


Kitchen Mash-up Apple Butter

how can that be a mash-up you ask….you will see….

Hmmm, some apples and pears that are going to go bad, oh whatever can I do?

Let’s cut them up (peel and all) and put them in a pan with some butter,

Oh Look!  I found a packet of spices for Mulled Cider.(which I won’t use) ..lets steep that in some water then add it to the fruit in the pan….

lets add some butter, cinnamon and vanilla….let it simmer for a while then cool

put in in the blender and BOYAH….apple butter, the pear was put in for pectin so no sugar was added, all natural baby!

That is how you don’t throw away…waste food…and the blender will chop of the peels and since the peels have lots of vitamins it is better for you!


I try to do workouts at home…

but I get easily distracted by…the dogs, the cat, dishes, phone calls, work…ect….I can’t do anything on the floor without the dogs trying to play with or sit on me.

At class there is nothing to distract me, that is my quality ME time….it is also good for the family to come home and me NOT be here….they can amuse themselves for a few hours 😉

except that means my son usually takes my parking spot…sigh…

Yoga = no pain pills

yep, you read that right, my hips have been killing me!  I finally started going back to yoga, and woo hoo, I have gone 5 days a week, except on the Monday holiday and last Friday when my husband took off work….totally screwed up my schedule!

I haven’t had to take a pain pill except for Sunday, as the Yoga helps to lessen it to almost nothing!

So I do everything I can to go almost everyday, much better then pills anyday, plus I don’t want to do to the doctor because I gained some weight back and she will want to take my blood and put me on meds….nope, going old school….

Chipotle…enough with the onions….

I love Chipotle, me and my husband eat there quite often, we have never gotten ill!

But my one complaint is the Onions, in everything, I don’t understand it.  I get it for the veggies, it is after all peppers and onions.  But come on, in the Tomatoes, why if you add onions isn’t it basically salsa?  I would like tomatoes on my bowl, but I can’t, and the same with corn…WHY, you can get the onions in everything else, leave the tomatoes and corn alone.

I would have a much bigger and more filling bowl if I could add tomatoes and corn, but alas….they have onions in them…makes me sad….and I can’t be the only one!

Healthify your food…

as you know, I HATE to waste food, it is basically wasting money, so I end up eating stuff that has been in the house for a while that isn’t getting eaten.

Now, this is a problem, since I am also trying to eat healthy and the stuff left isn’t always the best for me.

So as my son says I “healthify” my food, for example, the other day, I decided to use up the package of UDON noodles that had been in the fridge for a while.

I looked at the package and …..sigh….this is a very unhealthy food, lots of carbs and salt, hmm what to do, throw it away, nope…Healthify it.

So first off I Doubled the amount of water is called for, second I only used HALF of the seasoning packet, and I added napa cabbage and baby bok choi to make it a noodle and veggie soup and then there was enough to make TWO servings out of it.

You can do this any high carb/salt noodle package, I would have added mushrooms but I was out 😦  and you can add meat if you want to.

taking advantage of the sun without solar panels

It has been so hot, so you can take advantage of the sun for you laundry drying needs, just hang the close out to dry.  I have a portable pop-up drying rack, when hot I dry my towels and jeans (these take the longest to dry) to about 95% dry, I make sure to use liquid laundry softner,  and then I put them in the dryer for about 15 min to get the “crunchy” out.

I have nice , fresh, clean smelling clothes, and it takes about 1/4 the normal drying time so I save on electric/gas bill also.

This is also great for blankets, comforters, sheets, ect…..

Lawn birds have been slack a lackin..

So as you know, I have a garden (I know, really, I hardly ever talk about it :), and I don’t use any pesticides, I use a homemade mixture of water, soup, and mouthwash….and I leave the spiders and birds alone because they eat all the insects too.

However, as I mentioned in an earlier post, all my tomatoes turned ripe about the same time, so I pulled them off, and then pruned back the plant.  I had one baby tomato starting.

I came out the other day and some damn worm ate half of it…..shit….I couldn’t find the worm, I think the birds got it…..but obviously not soon enough…..darn slacker birds 🙂