HA, figured some of this shit out

So I tried to use the little plastic stick things that you write on for what is in your garden, I failed…..I moved my plantings but forgot what sticks when where.

So I got some larger, cardboard starter cups and WROTE on the outside with Marker…HA. Hopefully it works this time.

I have also been prepping my soil, been adding egg shells, coffee and tea, hope this works since my soil is aweful!

KM – odds n ends

So I look in the fridge, 1/2 a cucumber…wait for it…. From MY Garden! Woo Hoo! Some whipped cream cheese, pita bread. On counter, over ripe avocado..what to do?

I open the avocado and keep the good parts them add garlic powder and lemon, I don’t like onions or cilantro, so we will call it an avocado spread.

I then put the pita in a pan and heat up, as it is heating up I cut some cucumber super super thin (you can see where this is going right?).

Once the pita is warm I spread cream cheese on one side, avocado spread on the other, stuff with cucumber slices and put back on pan to crisp up on sides.

Pretty tasty pita sandwich/taco!

Note to self…Bush beans are not greenbeans!

So I guess I should really read the packages a little closer when I plant seeds…eh…..I though they were greenbeans, but they didn’t taste good, so when I pulled off a pod that look dead and opened it up, whaaaat, there was beans in it, so I looked it up on internet, sigh ….

These are beans I need to leave until the plants look dead, then take them off and shuck them. Why does everything take so LONG …..aauugghh.

On the upside, I finally have cucumbers! HA, took a while but I pulled off one the other day and have one more left.

Oh and I looked up Okra, had to move it from my netted planted since it is gonna grow like 6 feet…uuuugggghhhhh. Who knew farming was this complicated.

Imperfect food is Perfecto!

Seriously people, I love this site. I decided to try, perfect the Covid, because I could not get some of the squashes I like. So far I have gotten at least 6 boxes. It has been very useful during the shutdown.

They sell food that would otherwise be wasted because it isn’t “pretty” enough, or the labeling is wrong, or they changed the logo, or because of covid there was no businesses to sell to. Not only is it good, it is usually less expensive and better quality then the grocery store.

There is no commitment on how much you have to buy, and shipping is a standard rate of 4.99. They have Fruit, Meat, Veggies, Dairy. I have yet to figure out why some of it is “imperfect”. They do give you descriptions of what you get. The only meh I had was on some radishes that were very bitey. They were good, just no kick.

I have recieved fruits and veggies, plus eggs, bacon, steak, got chocolate and cheese coming in the next one. They have a deal, see below, would love it you used my code.

“Hey, check out Imperfect! They have amazing groceries & deliver to your door. Here’s $10 to shop and create your imperfect box. You can thank me later :)”


Boy is my garden growing…

know if I could figure out what I planted…sigh….I tried doing the signy things, but then I forgot when I moved them outdoors….I did figure out one was a beet and not peppers, have decided not to plant any more as they take up a lot of space for a little return!

I know and recognize the corn, peas, carrots, garlic and tomatoes, but I also planted squash, zuchhini and cucumbers and I have not idea which is which….so it will be a mystery until they start growing the actual veggies.  I think I also planted onions, peppers and radishes, I will keep you posted on what I get.

It will be a surprise for all of us!

Get the most out of your BBQ

so we have a Treager, we love it, what I do, is when the main meal/meat is done, and my veggies are almost done, I will do the “shut off” mode, it will continue to be hot for a while, and this way it continues to cook without using more pellets and electricity.

I also multi-task my cooking, so I started with a squash, then went out later and added my tomatoes.  Then they were all done at same time.

No muss, no fuss, and very few items to clean!

Kitchen Mash-up Apple Butter

how can that be a mash-up you ask….you will see….

Hmmm, some apples and pears that are going to go bad, oh whatever can I do?

Let’s cut them up (peel and all) and put them in a pan with some butter,

Oh Look!  I found a packet of spices for Mulled Cider.(which I won’t use) ..lets steep that in some water then add it to the fruit in the pan….

lets add some butter, cinnamon and vanilla….let it simmer for a while then cool

put in in the blender and BOYAH….apple butter, the pear was put in for pectin so no sugar was added, all natural baby!

That is how you don’t throw away…waste food…and the blender will chop of the peels and since the peels have lots of vitamins it is better for you!


Best time ever to go no ‘poo

That is the no shampoo for newbies.  Regular shampoos and conditioners strip away natural oils and the replace with fake ones.

Going no shampoo , but using a baking soda/water solution can be difficult in the beginning because your hair is used to secreting oils in extra amounts since they are always getting washed away.

That is why no, during lockup, you can deal with hair that is limp and possibly oily for a few days to a week without worrying about having to figure out what to do for work, ect.

I would start by washing your hair every other day, get the most natural with the least amount of ingredients you can find.  Then go every other day using a mixture of mostly baking soda and small amount of shampoo, then go every two days, then every 3 days, so on, at some point you will notice your hair getting stronger and shiner with less fizz and start growing again, at least I did.

I try and wash my hair once a week, unless I get real dirty or sweaty, which doesn’t really happen during lockdown.  I try not to even get my hair wet every other shower.  My hair is the longest and thickest it has ever been.

So try it now, while hats and ponytail are in fashion 🙂  It will save your hair, save you money, and with less purchases of plastic bottle save the earth as well.

Muffins, Cakes, Loafs, Cookies OMG

so much baking going on, which in turn leads to so much EATING!

So I have been able to avoid the dreaded Covid 15 weight gain, mostly because I continue to tweak recipes.

Not only will this help keep calories down, it will help your larder go farther

I basically cut out 1/4 c of flour from every recipe, don’t need those carbs

I don’t use butter in any recipe I make, I would suggest slowing reducing how much you use to see if you can see a difference

I use applesauce for oil, unless it calls for both, then I cut the oil down 75%

I never use the amount of sugar they ask for, I usually will just but in a few shakes as I think a little is needed, maybe a teaspoon at most?

For milk regular or alternative, I will add 50% milk and 50% water

Recipe calls for yogurt?  I use non-fat plain yogurt, add the fruit in yourself

I never use pectin for Jams and Jellies, the sugar required is RidIcUlous!  I use bananas to thicken the mixture without overpowering the flavor

Just a few suggestions!

don’t fall for “convenience” of baby carrots

in real speak that is “paying more for less” great example “baby carrots”  just buy a bunch of regular carrots.  Cut and chop them yourself…KEEP the peel…..it is where most of the good stuff is.  Buying prepped carrots hurts your bottom line and your health.

Just take a few minutes to wash them before eating if you don’t go organic

Organic Authority” magazine reports that carrots contain a high degree of phytonutrients, many of which are found in the skin or immediately beneath it. Consuming phytonutrients leads to a number of health benefits, including lessening your risk of cancer and boosting your immune response.

Get Crunching For Your Health

The U.S. Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Database doesn’t break down the nutritional value of peeled versus unpeeled carrots, but notes that raw carrots are a healthy item. One cup of chopped carrots has just 52 calories, less than a gram of fat and 3.6 grams of dietary fiber. Carrots are also a valuable source of calcium, potassium and a number of vitamins. They also provide beta carotene, which improves eye and skin health while improving your immune system.