OMG…WTF…..half eaten peaches….

so I was in my garden area, and I have a table that I have two grow boxes on, I look underneath and there is a “nest” it is filled with 1/2 eaten peaches.

Now there is a peach tree in the NEIGHBORS yard, but the peaches do NOT fall in my yard.

Something is getting the peaches, bringing them into our yard and eating them.  But why only 1/2 get eaten?  Also, I think the little shit is the one eating my tomatoes!!!





Would you like me to Healthify a recipe for you?

If you have a recipe that you would like me to try and healthify for you feel free to send it to me.

Let me know if you need anything specific, besides it being gluten free.  I don’t make anything gluten free.


Another tomato bites the dust….

aka, some stupid bug ate it, the WHOLE thing, sheesh!

So I took the rest of them that were close to done and brought them in, so they turn red in my kitchen in safety.

I have some stuff coming up in my boxes, and , ahem…. ok….I am not really sure what it will be since I have the patience of a 6 yr old….ok…fine…3 year old!

When stuff doesn’t come up I add more, then all of a sudden stuff starts coming up but I have no idea what, shit, last time I thought I had spinach and it was small potatoes…

It is my mystery garden, seriously, most of the stuff coming up is a complete mystery!



HA! Damn bugs!!!

So I have been going out every AM and spraying my tomatoes with my home made but spray, found it on internet somewhere, small spray bottle, add some mouthwash and dish soap to water and spray.  Works well mostly.

So I finally brought in my tomatoes and 3 turned red finally, one still green, and one had a bite taken out of it, #$%^@#$!!!

However, I cut that area out, inspected it thoroughly, then ate it!  It was GOOD.  Stupid bugs!

I also got some greenbeans, and my sunflowers are starting to grow.  Not sure what some of the other things are that are growing, it is my mystery garden!

So much fruit/so little time KMU (kitchen mash-up)

So what think you of my KMU??

So any whodles….we buy fruit, I also get fruit from my friend and sometimes from neighbors.  And you all know how I HATE wasting food!

So I had grapefruit from my friends moms tree, plus some fruit going soft, peach, pear, nectarine.  Hmmm, first I cut them all up for a fruit salad, hmmm, NOPE, the flavors did not play well together!

So, shit! What now…..ok, I just put a pan on the stove, added the fruit, then added a banana (remember, use natures thickner, NOT pectin, as it will just sugar it all up!) and mashed it all together, then since it was on tropical side, I added ginger, cinnamon, Vanilla and Lemon extract, and BOOM, yummy jam, that is….0 ZERO WW points also.

Nice win, no sugar, no wasted fruit, low cost and healthy jam!  Try it on a waffle with a small amount of your favorite ice cream, low pt , healthy dessert.  Your welcome 🙂








it was so much fun, the goats are sooo cute!  My friend went with me, my hubby was so happy he didn’t have to go!

They had 3 sessions, next time we are taking the middle session, it will be cooler and the goats a little more active.

In all it was fun, got to pet them, one tried to eat the string on my pants, uh…I need that to keep them up!

They we baaaaing, and running around, just so cute, the local 4h kids were there, they raised them and made sure they were spread out thru the crowd.

There were guys and girls there, and it was a fairly easy class, had to be because everyone just wanted to cuddle goats 🙂


Kitchen Mash-Up

Hmmm, my husband fired up the grill so I cooked my squash on it.  But what to do with it?

Oh look, a can of diced tomatoes, oohhh, button mushrooms,  hmmmm artichoke hearts…WALA

spaghetti squash in a tomato, mushroom and artichoke sauce, high digits in a restaurant, and full of who knows what!

Yummy, low cal, low cost, low points…..SCORE!

Kitchen Mash-up bean style

I bought dried beans at the store, 3 different kinds.  They were in my pantry.

I had some veggies that were getting soft so I threw them in a pot and made Veggie broth.

Later that week I had a left over piece of chicken, sooo, I pulled out my veggie broth and boiled the chicken it in, now I have a chicken soupy type broth.

I then decided to soak my beans overnight in my chicken broth!  Sometimes I even surprise myself!

Then the next day, after draining the old broth, I cooked them in some new broth, when they were almost done, I added a bunch of veggies from the fridge and pantry, and make a chicken veggie bean soup.  YummY!

And it was souper (see the joke?) good and make 6 servings, for about $4.00 dollars!

OMG…..what happened to my husband…

he has been swapped with a “new and improved” version!?!?!

So I think I might have mentioned in the past how bad of eaters my boys are, and my hubby has always been the worst!

Quick recap, when we got married he ate  things, seriously,

  • Oscar Meyer Hotdogs ONLY, 3 different ways, Boiled on bread with chili, split in 1/2 and fried and put on bread, or cooked in stove till burnt in bun.
  • Cube steak, breaded in crackers and DEEP Fried in oil
  • Tacos (WT tacos) – Plain ground beef, corn tortillas semi cooked in oil , with Mayo …..YEAH freaking Mayonaise spread on the soft oil shell, and this is the best, I had to take individually wrapped american cheese and GRATE it, do you have any idea how hard that is?

No veggies, no fruit, just this shit!

I put my foot down on the taco’s once I got pregnant, first I swapped out the freaking sliced cheese for hard cheese, easier to grate and better for you.  Then I swapped out the fry in oil to steam in microwave, however TO THIS DAY, he puts mayo on the shells and uses plain ground beef!!!!

He slowly added to what he would eat, because well, I wasn’t gonna eat this crap and I wasn’t gonna make two meals either.

He got better once he started eating chicken and rice, but seriously, corn , potato, apple and banana’s, rarely was all I could get him to eat.  I was able to get him to add shrimp to his meals and he has always eaten hamburgers and steak.

Now 32 years later, he discovers salads, he is like “why did you hide salads from me all these years?”  WTF!, I eat them all the time, but he finally decided to “choke” it down and know not only is he eating salads….he is taking them for lunch….hell has frozen over!

And, he started trying some veggies, he will get green beans or asparagas when we go out, and he will now eat peppers and onions, however I HATE peppers and onions.

So not only is he eating them when we are out, he is cooking them at home also, because there is no way for me to tell if they are done or not!

Wish it wouldn’t have taken him half his life to start eating better, but hopefully this will make the later years healthier for him.  I have to say it is pretty sad when it is ME that has an issue at a restaurant instead of him for once, they put freaking onions and peppers in everything!

Well … hell….black seed oil works….

aaauuugggg, this is some nasty shit, seriously, like liquid menthol, bbbbhhtttttttccckkkk!

But it helps with the gurgily gut, but, wait for it,  it brought my cholesterol down….WTF!!!

1/3/18 – 296  –  3/29/19 – 218

Now I can’t figure out any way to stop taking it, shit!  Gotta stock up on grapefruit, it kills the taste the best.