$151.11 Target bill ends up at $129.66

Seriously people, you need to get the Target Debit Card, not only do they have very low grocery prices, even without coupons you get 5% off your total bill…a NO brainer!

So my total bill was $151.11, I had $15.50 in coupons and received another $5.95 off using the Debit card.

My Two best deals were as follows:

I had (2)$1 off any two Special K products PLUS (4) $.75 off ONE box of Special K bars..my son Loves the Special K protein bars fo I bought 4 x $5.34 = $21.36 (FYI same box runs 6.99 to 7.99 at the grocery store) and Used 3 coupons for EACH set of 2 ($1 + .75 +.75 = $1.25 off EACH Box!) so = $5.34 – $1.25 = $4.09 a box / 6 = .69 @ same as a candy bar and a lot better for him!

Bought 4 boxes of Kellogs Cereals – (1) $1.50 off of 3 boxes PLUS $1 in FREE fruit for every 2 boxes. Total cereal cost – $11.91 – $1.50 = $10.41 Plus $2.00 off = 4 boxes for $8.41 = $2.11 per box 🙂

Coupons explained…great for stretching your budget

Sorry for being gone for a while, I tried, but deals keep coming up so here I am again 🙂

I am not sure if any of you have seen “extreme couponing”, while it is all good, my husband REFUSES to build me a store in my garage… 😦  hee hee, acutally, unless there is an acopolypse real soon I don’t see the reason to have 100’s of deordants and hand soaps.

I do however, as you know, loooove my coupons, so here goes….Coupons are sold on ebay…this is good but you have to make sure you are going to use them before the expiration date and it is something you tend to get on EVERY or almost every shopping trip.

Example, there was a sale for (5 coupons) $8 off dog food, now this is a good deal, but the bidding was up to $30 (savings is $40) plus shipping plus you had to be willing to buy 5 bags within 6 weeks, not really a good deal for me.

Example, we buy cans and 2 lites of pop everytime we go to the store, so …. I got (10 coupons) $1 off (2) 12 packs of coke products (3 months to use them) – I paid $1.75 with shipping, when I went to the store they were having a sale 3 12packs for $11, the 2liters were WAY high, so I skipped the liters and got 6 12 packs for $22 and used (2) $1.00 coupons, so I am already ahead .25.

I went to Target the other day and they have the same sale so I picked up 3 12packs for 11 then used 1 coupon – so now I am ahead 1.25, and this will continue… I will end up saving $8.25… my ROI (return on investment) was the first time I used them, and I don’t have to buy a bunch at one time to take advantage of the rest of my savings.

I always look at the complete amount of the coupons ($10) –  price + shipping (-$1.75) = $8.25 total savings / how much time I have to use them (3 months).

The New Job

I am sorry I have been away for a while…I am a flake.  I do have a job and I have found out it is much easier to get out bed in the AM when you don’t absolutely Hate your job 🙂

They pay is about the same, the benefits are better (401k, 25PTO, they close between xmas and new years), I am head of a new department.  The company is good, the job description is good, the co-workers will take some getting used to 🙂

Savings April 11

4/19 albertsons $50.31 – 9.75coupons = 40.56 – 19%
4/5  target $129.43 – 6.75 coupons = 122.68  – 5%
4/11 target $77.96 – 7.19 coupons – 3.33 debit card = 67.44 14%
4/25 target  127.25- 15.00 coupons 5.95 debit card = 117.23 16%
4/14 target 43.91 – 5.75 coupons = 38.16 13%
4/26/11 ralphs $68.71 – 19.75 coupons = 48.71 = 29%

This is from the recepts I kept and only for groceries, doesn’t include dining out, misc shopping ect.

83.33 grocery bills ends up at $48.71

So here goes my peeps, just an example of sales & coupons working together to save you money!

First off you can’t shop without a “Card” so the “card discount” $15.39 so my “real” starting number is $67.94 so I saved an additional $19.25 in coupons, PLUS I received a $5.00 Ralphs Card for another shopping trip!

My two major deals were the following:

  • Coke Deal –  (2) 12packs for $10 or (4) 12 packs for $11 with coupon so I had that coupon $5.25 PLUS (2) $1 off 2 12 packs so I got a total of $7.25 off of (4) 12 packs, in other words I got (4) 12 packs for $9 = $2.25 a 12 pack 🙂
  • Kellog Cereal Deal – 4 boxes of Cereal for $12 PLUS get a $5 Ralphs Card + I had coupons for the 4 boxes I got.  4 boxes $12 less – 4 (2 @ .45) (2 @ .75) PLUS Ralphs bonus 4 (2 @ .55) (2 @ .25) $4.00 In orther words I got 4 boxes of Ceral for $8.00 = $2 EACH 🙂 PLUS a $5 Ralphs Card for another shopping trip 🙂


have found that Target tends to have very competative food prices, add to that they take manufacturer coupons + their coupons is great, but I have some even BETTER news…seriously 🙂

Sign up for their Debit Card  – not the Credit Card (who needs more debt) – you get 5% off EVERYTIME you shop….on top of the coupons…and get this…as I was signing up the clerk tells me that they take coupons that other stores print out at the cash register as long as the say “manufacturer coupon” sooo, I have some Albertsons and Ralphs cash register coupons, that I can USE at Target…woo hoo… can you say BOYAH!

This will slash my grocery bills even more….as long as I can leave the store without buying other things…like I said I LOVE TARGET.

19lbs and and counting

So you ask, how does that work with “green”? Well I have reduced my calorie intake especially carbs..I am excercising more (biking at work instead of going to the snack machine, save Green there), but also my husband decided to get a boxing bag, so we went and got it but figured out we couldn’t hang it, so we had to take it back…I pulled out the receipt and guess what my peeps….a deal to take a survey and get $10 of your next $50 purchase…so you knows whats I did…I took the survey, printed the coupon and when we exchanged the bag for a different one I used my coupon….Oh Yea!

And, get this, I got another survey and I have ANOTHER $10 coupon…hee hee, gotta luv it.

Revisiting MPG extending Tips – with gas on its way up

I posted some money / gas saving tips in the past, but I figured, I would repost with additional tips seeing as the price of GAS just keeps going up, uP, UP!!!!

These may seem like no brainers, so will not be a real big savings, but they add up!

  • Park in the shade!  Gas is a liquid and will evaporate in heat
  • Tint your windows! The cooler it is inside the less you will use your a/c
  • Use the car coolers that that go in your windshield when you park! Keep your car cool
  • Close unused AC vents! If you drive alone alot, turn off all vents except your own..
  • If you live in a hilly area…Coast down hill!  I coast about 5mi @ way to work
  • Check  your tire pressure!  Underinflatted tires use more gas
  • Bike, Walk, Carpool when you can

If anyone has additional tips please feel free add them!