Water / Energy Conservation…

if the US and CA especially are concerned with water and energy conservation then you would think a mandate would be put in place for a few things:

  1. All Washers would have to be Front Loading – Top loaders use 40 to 27 gallons per wash, Front Loader use around 14 to 5 gallons per wash.
  2. All new homes would have to be built with enough solar panel to provide at least 50% of the electricity they will use
  3. All new homes would have to be built with “grey water” recycling, this is using water from sinks and showers for toilet water, so it gets used twice before going being flushed
  4. All homes would have water catchment systems for use watering lawns and gardens
  5. All water would be go thru a sanitation process before being released into the ocean  – no “don’t liter dumps in ocean” signs

These 4 changes would save a ton of water and electricity.  It is more efficient to add the solar and grey water, and catchment systems when building a home, rather then adding it later.

Making sure untreated water doesn’t flow in the ocean would save our oceans and add jobs to make and maintain the sanitation buildings.



Check out the petitions happening in the USA right now

Stop Sharia and any other religious doctrine from becoming law in the united states, This needs 150 signatures to go public, lets make sure we maintain the Separation of State and Religion

Stop Religious Law  –

Consider that the following petition has OVER 105,000 signatures already

Demand The Release of Supreme Religious Leader of Sikhism, Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara, Head of Sri Akal Takhat


No more Margin/Future investing, if you don’t have it, don’t invest it

Margin investing is wrong, if you can’t afford to invest it, don’t do it. Here is why they do it, they don’t have a lot of money, but the invest using margins, hoping the cost will go up, while they bought low.

This also includes Futures Markets, all of this means they are hoping to buy, gas, coal, corn, beef, ect low and hope the costs go high so the people of American have to pay more for these items while they make money.

This means the few, make money, using money they didn’t have in the first place, off the rest of us.

Definition of ‘Buying On Margin’
The purchase of an asset by paying the margin and borrowing the balance from a bank or broker. Buying on margin refers to the initial or down payment made to the broker for the asset being purchased. The collateral for the funds being borrowed is the marginable securities in the investor’s account. Before buying on margin, an investor needs to open a margin account with the broker. In the U.S., the amount of margin that must be paid for a security is regulated by the Federal Reserve Board.

There needs to be a change in regulation to bring common commodities used for everyday (gas, corn, beef) life OFF the markets..the few should not be able to control and make money off the backs of the many.

Lobbying…..legal bribery….shouldn’t be allowed

Lobbying, is legal bribery, we all know it, but the politicians love all the free stuff. No more, if I was president, lobbying would be stopped.

If there was a law coming up that people were for or against, then there would be a monthly meeting, where everyone, for or against could show up and state their case. This monthly meeting would be televised and webcast so that everyone interested could see who all the players are.

There will be no “closed door deals”, no more “meetings on the golf course” or “training sessions” in Hawaii.

Just think how much less things would cost with out all the time and money being spent to “buy” yes “BUY” votes.

No longer will big companies be able to overwhelm with their money resources, everyone will be allotted the same time to present their arguments to congress and the people.

I would reduce the deficit by $52,289,600 a yr with no raise in taxes & no services reduced

Did you know •During the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin considered proposing that elected government officials not be paid for their service. Other Founding Fathers, however, decided otherwise.

•From 1789 to 1855, members of Congress received only a per diem (daily payment) of $6.00 while in session, except for a period from December 1815 to March 1817, when they received $1,500 a year. Members began receiving an annual salary in 1855, when they were paid $3,000 per year.

Somewhere along the line government went from “To and for the People” to “To myself and my friends pocketbooks”. It is time to give it back to the people and the first step is to get rid of the money incentive.

2012 the median income was $51,000 (rounded) so that means instead of the current salaries of The current salary (2013) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year. It would be $76,500.

Current salary of 530 members of congress $92,220,000
Proposed salary of 530 members of congress $40,545,000

Just reduced the deficit without slashing any benefits or raising any taxes by $51,675,000 A YEAR

Congress: Leadership Members’ Salary (2013)
Leaders of the House and Senate are paid a higher salary than rank-and-file members.

No longer would there be a difference between Rank and File and Leadership Salaries, they would all make the same

Senate Leadership
Majority Party Leader – $193,400 – new salary would be $76,500
Minority Party Leader – $193,400 – new salary would be $76,500

House Leadership
Speaker of the House – $223,500 – new salary would be $76,500
Majority Leader – $193,400 – new salary would be $76,500
Minority Leader – $193,400- new salary would be $76,500

Current salary of 5 leaders of congress $997,100
Proposed salary of 5 leaders of congress $382,500

Just reduced the deficit without slashing any benefits or raising any taxes by 614,600 A YEAR

With set limits on elected official salaries …

it would make it hard for those who would steal and cheat those they are supposed to be working for. No more would a city council be able to keep voting to raise their salaries, bonuses and benefits. No more Bell California scenarios.

For those who attempt to break the law it would be a felony conviction and ALL their possessions would be forfeit to the city, county or state of which they attempted to cheat.

Only those who would want to serve to make a difference would seek these seats, because their community and not their pocketbook would be their main motivation.

Here is what I would do if I was president

Government is supposed to be For the People by the People, therefore:

1. The president of the United States will make no more then 2.0 times the median household income.
2. Congress will make no more then 1.5 times the median household income
3. Elected City, County, & State representatives will make no more then 1.25 times the median income of the City, County or State they are elected and live in.
4. Elected officials will NOT be able to vote in raises for themselves.
5. Lobbying, which is a legal form of bribery will no longer be legal.

Changes will be made to the stock market to make sure they do not effect the everyday person:

1. There will be no “margins” in the stock market, you either have the money or you don’t to invest.
2. Items that effect the quality & cost of everyday life (Gas, Corn, ect) will no longer be on or at the mercy of the stock market

Health care reform will start at the beginning:

1. Health care will not be a “for profit” business

I will be adding more items and discussing them in more detail in later posts.