Purina One Cat Food Challenge #ONEswitch

I really like that my cat took to this food so easy.  She is VERY picky 🙂  She is an indoor cat about 3 years old.  I like that that have a bunch of different blends so you can find the one that is right for your cat(s).

Since the switch she has more energy and is even fiestier then usual, (not sure that is good 😉  And her hair balls are down.

It is good for her body and good for my pocketbook!

Highly recommend!



Just so you know I got a free bag of the cat food and a coupon for another free bag.  So if she didn’t like it, I would let you know cause I wouldn’t have needed the free coupon, but I used it!  Cause she likes it.


Purina one via Influenster

I rec’d my goodie box from Influenster again.  this time it was the Kitty’s box, she got the goodies Purina One and I got the discount, FREE bag of Food, and coupon for FREE bag of food.  My cat is pretty picky, she used to eat a type of food then stopped and we started buying Blue Buffalo, small pieces and she ate it.

She really likes this food….boyah…and it is good for her….so a great win/win for all

IMG_6830 IMG_6837 IMG_6842