KM – with leftovers

So we had a few dinners and I had some left overs, cubed butternut squash black beans, fish, lettuce, rice, corn.

So for the first dish I chopped up the butternut sqaush and put in in the pan with the black beans and corn, it came out yummy, I had that as a base and but the fish on top for a bowl…good eats!

Then I had some of the bean, corn, squach mixture left over, so I put it in my corn muffin mix and booyah! Great muffins to go with soups, stews and chili.

I had a left over pita so I cut it up in to 4ths, seasoned it with chimichuri, then bbq it til firm, and filled it up with the fish and lettuce…..oy boi… on a roll.

The whole dishes were much better then their individual ingrediants.

KM with lockdown stockpiles

So if you are like me, when the Covid started, we went and stocked up on some items. Frozen foods and canned foods. So know I have a lot of frozen food and soups left.

I got a big bag of frozen veggies from costco, a BIG BAG. Never used it, now I have a shit ton of them.

I got a bunch of different soups, and again now I have a bunch of soup.

So a made up a batch of the veggies and was like, meh, not really sure what to do with them. Then I had a great Idea…..(insert light bulb here 🙂

I took them and chopped them up (they were in large chunks and wedges) and I used them to add to the soups (since the soups are pretty weak for a meal).

Since I also have a lot of tomatoe paste (no idea why) I used that to thicken the soup to a more substancial meal.

No waste, no muss, a little fuss, and a tasty, nutritious, cheap meal.

Kitchen mashup – using meh stuff

So my kids bought some organic ketchup and it is MEH, not great, just “off”, so no one wants it so they pawned it off on me.

So, I had some frozen shrimp I defrosted and wanted to eat but it sucks without cocktail sauce, of which I have NONE.

So off to the internet I go, turns out it is easy to make and since I prefer not bite, I was able to make it without horseradish.

I used the organic ketchup, lemon juice and worcestershire sauce, and Bob’s your Uncle (anyone know where this came from?) perfect cocktail sauce.

I will cook with the organic to use it up, this way no waste.

Left Overs KM Style sweet and savory

Think outside the flavor box!

I want carrot cake, I don’t want carrot cake calories…  I take the carrots that would go bad if not used, and cook them on stove in water, cinnamon and vanilla!  Then  I blend them up, add raisens and cook them in oatmeal, leave overnight and it is like Carrot Cake only lot less calories!

We had Persian food, with SO much leftovers.  Next time we will order two meals and 2 extra kabobs, that will feed all 4 of us, with leftovers still!

We had regular rice , a rice “cake” seriously, it looked like a cake size and height wise, but was rice with yogurt and egg, and sweet rice with fruit and spices left over, plus a tomato cucumber onion salad, and some chicken,

First off, no one will eat the salad, however, I did scrape the tomatoes off into my eggs and beans the next morning.

I combined the regular and rice cake together as they were kind of the same flavor profile.  I added this mix to my lemon Chicken soup and it was very good!

Also used this mix with hummus, chicken, peas (from my garden!) and broth for a “paella” type meal.

The sweet rice, what to do you ask?  How about rice pudding!  Yep, remember that old favorite, snazzed it right up, just added some milk and cooked on the stove!

I had a bag of root veggies leftovers, so I added them to a pan, added usual, water, vanilla, cinnamon, plus some ginger and allspice and made them with my muffin mix but used a loaf pan for a sweet muffin bread!

Who says veggies can’t be great for desert!

Kitchen Mash-up – Leftovers from restaurant

So I had some tofu vegetable soup left over from our dinner.  Like my cans of soup I used this as a starter as I can never recreate the soup flavor at home.

Instead of having 1 serving left, I added can of bamboo shoots and water chestnuts, and added some carrots and celery that were left over in the fridge soon to go bad, plus a little extra water and miso soup flavoring I had and booyah…4 new servings of soup.

I love saving money and food at the same time, win/win baby!

Kitchen Mash-up : Soup up your soup!

I have found that the cans of soup they sell are…well…to put it politely….are lacking….!

What I do know is use the soups as a “base” for a real soup.

Example..I had a potatoe bacon soup, HA! Pretty darn depressing.  BUT wait, what do I have here?  Is that some lovely small potates from last nights dinner, why yes it is….lets just add them, with some left over chicken, and poof, an actual soup that is filling and still pretty darn cheap!

I also had a Chicken Enchillada soup that was NO BUENO….so I added left over corn and black beans and chicken to it, was Muy Mas Bueno after that.

So I never get a can of soup unless it is on sale because they aren’t worth $2 or $3 dollars, but when I am able to get them for under a dollar I load up.


doggie bag kitchen mashups

Restaurant doggie bags can be people mashups:)

We went to our Greek restaurant and had lemon potatoes, hummus and pita bread left over.

I BBQ’d the other night and had corn on the cob and a yam, yep a yam, I also bought a sweet potato, haven’t cooked it yet.  Wanted to see what the difference was between them.  A yam is a sweeter version of a potato but not as sweet as a sweet potato, so far, that is what i have learned.  The reason for this seeming diversion will be clear in a few moments.

We went to a Persian restaurant and had hummus, rice pilaf, fava bean type hummus, cheese things, and pita bread left over.

Kitchen Mashup 1 – cut corn off cob, heated it with the rice pilaf, heated up a few lemon potatoes, had some hummus and bread, and a salad.

Kitchen mashup 2 – at the cheese things for a snack 🙂

Kitchen mashup 3 – if you don’t know what to do with some things, throw them in  pot and make soup …, fava bean hummus stuff, 1/2 left over yam, corn off the cob (last one from bbq,  lemon potatoes, veggie broth and water….

and I still have more leftovers…… gonna get quite a few meals, nice way to stretch your food budget


Kitchen Mash-Up prepper style #2

Sooo, my mom, well, she is a little bonkers sometimes, so she bought a bucket or should I say BUCKETS of emergency food, that will be going bad in a year so.   So guess who has to figure out what to do with it, ME!

So she gave me the freeze dried veggies, so hmm, I have Freeze dried peas, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.  What to do…what to do.

I found some broth in the cupboard, so I poured that in a pan and added about a cup of each veggie.  I then added a can of white beans and cut up tomatoes and made a soup.

Pretty darn good !

So I have some of this soup, not a lot, so I throw it in a pan, add some leftover green beans and some left over chicken and BOOM chicka BOOM, another master piece!


Kitchen Mashup fruits and veggies

So I have carrots that are going to go bad if I don’t use them, corn from the bbq from a few days ago, bananas I froze before they went bad, raisins in the cupboard, some spaghetti sauce in a bottle, tomatoes from my plant , YEP, cherry tomatoes baby! and pineapple coconut water my husband still hasn’t drank, because ewwww, I won’t drink it! And some plain cooked spaghetti, and dried tomato basil pouch barely used.

Sooo, I cut up the carrots, PEEL ON people, in the coconut pineapple water so they will be on the sweet side.

I then look up on the internet what to do with left over cooked carrots and it says to make a puree.  But just carrot puree doesn’t really sound good, soooo…..after the carrots are cooked I put them in a pan, and add some slice up frozen banana (this is why you never throw stuff out, just freeze it until you figure out what to do with it :), and add it to the pan, let that cook for a while, mash them up and add a small amount of brown sugar, pat of butter (yes A Pat, I brought it home from dinner out somewhere :), and cook it some more.  I then blend it up, put it back in than to thicken and add the small amount of raisins from the cupboard into it.  It is damn yummy people, like a carrot cake !  Sometimes I even amaze me 🙂

Then I take the spaghetti sauce, throw it in a pan, I throw in my cherry tomatoes, I cut the corn off the cob and add that to the pan, then I throw in the spaghetti, then I add some of the dried tomato pesto, and BOOM, nice bowl of veggie pasta baby!

Yea, stupid dog woke me up early, so I figured I should clean out the fridge and  you know how I hate to waste food.

It’s the Muffin Man Kitchen Mashup!

So hmm….cleaning out the freezer

Raspberry Noosa Yogurt – put in freezer before expired since it wasn’t gonna get eaten.

Starberries and Blueberries – put in freezer before they went bad since they weren’t going to be eaten.

HA, let’s make muffins, I googled “moist muffins with yogurt” I made a few changes

Flour – used a mix of wheat/and regular, cut the butter down from 4tbl to 2, then again to NONE and they taste the same, changed sugar from 1 cup to 1/2 cup of splenda mix, then again to a few shakes of the sugar and it is still good.

UMM UMM GOOD…..and cost next to nothing to make, AND cleared out room in my Freezer.


Win/WIn/WIN baby!