Kitchen Mashup

Hmm….carrots and celery sticks from Wing Stop,  Coconut Milk, Kale:Rice:edamame mix from costco, tomatoes from farmers market run.

Eat the carrot sticks while cooking the celery in coconut milk and chicken broth.  Add the tomatoes cook, then blend.  Put in fridge while trying to figure out what to do next.

AHA…..find frozen Kale:Rice:edamame mix in freezer, put celery mix in pan, add the kale mix and boyo…. SOUP.  But How did it get spicy?????  I didn’t add any spices, why is it hot?  Doesn’t show any spices on the costco mix but there must be some.  I can eat it, but I put a little sour cream on to lower the heat.


Sometimes I surprise myself

so, the house isn’t all together yet, finally found the box of glasses to drink out of :), and I really haven’t cooked yet…until today.

So I had some left over chicken from two restaurants, and they weren’t going to be eaten, but instead of throwing them away, I added them to a pot of water and boiled them down to broth and shredded chicken bits.

Booyah baby!  I still got it!

Pumpkins and Banana’s OH MY

So it is October and pumpkins are EvErYwHerE!  So I bought one to cook up.

It took some work but I was able to gut it and cook it and I ended up with  a Huge Amount of pumpkin.

I also had some banana’s that were going to go bad before anyone could eat…what to do?

Pumpkin Banana Raisin Muffins !  12  – cut the brown sugar in 1/2 and still tasty!

Pumpkin, Banana, Carrot, Tomato Soup!  6 cups

Pumpkin Banana Raisin & Cranberry Bread – 1 loaf – used wheat flour instead of white and no sugar and still good!

Plus I have been adding some to the dogs food, pumpkin is good for their digestive system – last 5 days

And I still have PUMPKIN left… I bought another pumpkin to cook….yikes!

I think I will freeze the pumpkin from this one in 2 cup increments, easy for cooking that way


I saw a great FB post about cinnamon rolls

they basically opened up the package, put the roll in the waffle iron and cooked it, they added some milk and powdered sugar to the topping and it looked good.

So, here are some tips…get the 5 count NOT the 8 count, they look more like donuts then waffle, if you don’t have powdered sugar and use cream cheese/yogurt, it isn’t as sweet, and lastly, I would go with the name brand, the off brand was “Meh”.

That said, it hasn’t stopped me from eating them 🙂

doggie bag kitchen mashups

Restaurant doggie bags can be people mashups:)

We went to our Greek restaurant and had lemon potatoes, hummus and pita bread left over.

I BBQ’d the other night and had corn on the cob and a yam, yep a yam, I also bought a sweet potato, haven’t cooked it yet.  Wanted to see what the difference was between them.  A yam is a sweeter version of a potato but not as sweet as a sweet potato, so far, that is what i have learned.  The reason for this seeming diversion will be clear in a few moments.

We went to a Persian restaurant and had hummus, rice pilaf, fava bean type hummus, cheese things, and pita bread left over.

Kitchen Mashup 1 – cut corn off cob, heated it with the rice pilaf, heated up a few lemon potatoes, had some hummus and bread, and a salad.

Kitchen mashup 2 – at the cheese things for a snack 🙂

Kitchen mashup 3 – if you don’t know what to do with some things, throw them in  pot and make soup …, fava bean hummus stuff, 1/2 left over yam, corn off the cob (last one from bbq,  lemon potatoes, veggie broth and water….

and I still have more leftovers…… gonna get quite a few meals, nice way to stretch your food budget


BBQ kitchen mash-up

It has been so hot, I have been using the bbq to cook some veggies.  I got some asparagus, wrapped it in foil after adding some oil and seasonings….it was ummm ummm good, but I only ate the top 2/3’s , so I had these tougher stalks…did I throw them away….oh Hell No!

I wrapped them back up and put them in the fridge while I thought of what to do with them 🙂

Then the next day I cooked mushrooms, corn and roasted tomatoes on the bbq…..yea, that is some good eats there!

But I had some leftover tomatoes and corn, so I put those in the fridge while my I tried to figure out what to do with them.

So, HA,  I got out the asparagus and one of the tomatoes (which YES where  from my garden) and added a little broth and blended them up, but them in a pan and started to simmer them.

I then made a roux of broth, butter, milk and whole wheat flour, yes I started with just butter and flour but it got pasty so I added the milk and broth to smooth things out…

Then I added that to my soup, and then I cut the corn OFF the cob and cut up in chucks another tomato (from my garden, yes I AM proud of myself) and added that to the soup.

And now I have a wonderful, flavorful soup, full of veggie goodness and good for me!


well…darn it…kitchen mash-up

sigh….I forgot I had put my pans in the oven before I preheated it, had to take out hot pans!

Anyho….. my husband and youngest son, are CrAy CrAy, when it come to the “best by” dates, doesn’t matter if it has never been opened, they won’t eat it if they see that date.

I refuse to throw away perfectly good food, so, my husband has yogurt he hasn’t eaten and won’t eat because it is 2 days past the “best by” date……Son Of A #$%^%.

So I froze ’em when he wasn’t looking 😉

Because, yes I did, I found a recipe that I tweaked using Raspberry Yogurt for muffins.  HA!  Since I didn’t have any fresh raspberries I added, frozen blueberries, that I had put in the freezer at some earlier date. I also used up some applesauce instead of oil….so my Raspberry Yogurt Muffins with Blueberries and not only healthy (didn’t add ANY sugar), taste good, but used up items from the fridge and freezer.

Win/Win/Win baby!

Kitchen Mash-ups X 10

Oh yea baby… my tomato plant is giving of tomatoes like crazy!  I had some extra, I had some carrots that were gonna go bad, and oh yea, did I mention some fresh growing basil…hmmmm, can you see where this is heading??

Carrot Tomato Basil Soup….with 2 out of 3 ingredients out of my garden….That’s the way to do it.

So cut up the carrots, starting boiling them in some veggie broth, added FOUR, uh huh, 4 freshly grown, organic tomatoes from my garden, some garlic and let it boil then simmer.

Then I poured it into the blender and blended, then I remembered I had Basil so I went and picked some “From my Garden”, yea I like saying that 😉  then added it to the blending.

Then I made a roux, yea I know, A Roux, boomchakalaka, added my blended mixture and simmered for a little bit longer.  Unfortunately the carrots came thru more then the tomatoes so yes I cheated….ok,….you happy, but a small cheat, I added a can of tomato sauce with garlic seasoning to it and it was perfecto!

6/2 – Food/Exercise & Kitchen Mash-up

So, in order to really eat right you have to admit what type of food person you are…I am a snacker…..and impatient….remember attention span of a gnat!  I have to prepare my snacks and other foods so they are quick and easy to get to.

This also helps with my kitchen-mashups….”how you ask” let me show you.

I need to eat a hearty breakfast….Oatmeal is good but BlAnD….so hmmm…let’s see what we have in the fridge….aha…..dates, pineapple, cherries….need to use them before they go bad….ok…here we go:

I made the oatmeal with water and Vanilla soy milk, while this was cooking, I chopped up all the fruit, added a little water and let it boil the fruit soft, then I mixed that in with the oatmeal and WALAH….the same tasty oatmeal as some restaurant places with no extra sugar added, good source of fiber and not to bad on carbs….plus I can eat it HOT or Cold depending on my mood.

Breakfast – 1/2 c fruited oatmeal

Lunch – Low carb wrap with – lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, cheese

Exercise – 20 min of Yoga Stretches

Lunch – 1/2 c   Chicken Corn Baby Potato soup  – here is the story about this mash-up:

we bought one of those already cooked chickens from the store, but….heLLoooo, they aren’t already cut up…so YUK….I had to do it, poorly I may add…so it was so so and I had a lot of meat left over.  I also bought one of those aluminum dishes of small baby garlic potatoes to go with….yea, well,…..that was a failure also…so, you know my usual solution …make a soup out of it!

So I pulled all the meat off and put in a pot with 1/2 water 1/2 veggie broth, then added i cut up the potatoes and added them since they already had a flavoring on them, and then I added some left over corn on the cob nibblets and there you have it, a souper soup 🙂

Dinner was….no judging here, we were out looking at houses, so Micky D’s it was, but I had a GRilled Chicken Sandwich and we shared the fries

A few carrot sticks were for dessert.