My international enchiladas

So I make enchiladas a LITTLE different then most people, my kids have found this out the hard way when they got into relationships 🙂

This one of my first kitchen mash-ups ever, as we usually do this the day after we have taco’s.

So I use Flour tortillas (they need to be big, plus they never liked the corn ones), then Asian or Persian rice (they hold up better for reheating) then either ground beef or ground chicken or sometimes both, and Italian tomato sauce (they don’t like enchilada sauce) what ever cheese we have in the fridge when I make them.

I take a large glass cooking dish, I put the tomato sauce in and swirl around, then I take the flour tortilla’s and dip one side in, I layer then up on my work space.

Then I take the rice that has been in the cooker, and add the meat and stir it together, then I place a large amount of that mix in the tortilla and top with cheese and roll and place in dish.  I repeat till done, I usually cook 8 at a time, this is 2 meals because they are hefty.

I then take another can of tomato sauce and depending if it is for both boys, I only add to ONE side, because one likes it, one doesn’t….sigh….then I top with whatever meat, rice, and cheese is left over.

They are yummy, but not typical!




Kitchen Mash Up…

so after the last fiasco with the turkey I am able to know use google to let me know to check on stuff hours later…..

So we had a bbq and had some left over chicken in the fridge.  Earlier that week we did door dash and we got Thai food and of course mine was SOOO spicy I couldn’t eat much.

So rummaging around in the cupboard I found a box to make Thai soup, lucky me I had some coconut milk in the cupboard.  I boiled some water, cut up and added the chicken, then the seasoning and then the leftover Thai I had earlier in the week.

It made 4 cups, it is still a little spicy but I can eat it.

So I wanted to make a recipe in my WW cookbook, but as you probably know by now, I am not a chef, and I am very spur of the moment.

So I didn’t have beef so I substituted Chicken sausages, cut up, (but I did add them an hour later) it called for lentils but I had a bean and lentil mix, so I used that instead (I would suggest soaking the beans first before dumping them in the crockpot…..oh well) and added veggies.  It ended up cooking for a little longer then it called for because the beans took a while to get tender.  But in the end it was good and I was able to use up food I already had.



Healthy Kitchen MashUp!

So on one of my last posts I mentioned eating healthy while not going broke,  … so here we are

I was making a soup for my mom, using here “prepper” food, when I thought, hmmmm, cornbread muffins would be good with this!

I looked up a couple of low carb recipes and they call for all sorts of expensive flours, which I don’t have.

Soooo, I went to my pantry, pulled out my oats, and blended 1 cup of them.  Then I pulled up a standard recipes for Corn Muffins….

  • 1 Cup flour = 3/4 of my standard flour mix (right now consists of mostly white and wheat with a little soy) and 1/4 cup of my just blended oat flour
  • 1 Cup Corn Meal = 3/4 corn meal 1/4 just blended oat flour
  • 2 tblsp Flax meal = need those fibers to lower the carb count
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp salt = couple grinds (to much salt is not good for you)
  • 1/4 cup oil = 1 blended apple (peel and all)
  • 1 egg –
  • 1 cup milk = had non-fat in fridge that is what I used
  • I had some corn on the cob left over from a BBQ so I cut off the kernels and added them 🙂
  • Pour in muffin pan
  • Cook 400 11-17 minutes

Well, Yummy, they aren’t to sweet (next time I may add some honey) but they are good with a nice texture and you can eat 2 for 6 WW points…because really, who eats just 1???

So a nice healthy muffin without spending a fortune!

Yes I still do my kitchen-mashups…

Here is one for you….

My husband uses the small Treager we got him almost every week.  So on week he made ribs.  Not all of them got eaten so a few were left in fridge.

On WW beans are free, so I pulled out a bag (yep not can) of white beans and thought..hmmm.

I put a pan on stove with a small amount of water, dropped the ribs in, until soft enough to pull off the meat, I threw out the bones and added the beans and some basil from the garden and a can of cut tomatoes.

YUMMY, bbq back beans, yummy and good for me!

It’s the Muffin Man Kitchen Mashup!

So hmm….cleaning out the freezer

Raspberry Noosa Yogurt – put in freezer before expired since it wasn’t gonna get eaten.

Starberries and Blueberries – put in freezer before they went bad since they weren’t going to be eaten.

HA, let’s make muffins, I googled “moist muffins with yogurt” I made a few changes

Flour – used a mix of wheat/and regular, cut the butter down from 4tbl to 2, changed sugar from 1 cup to 1/2 cup of splenda mix.

UMM UMM GOOD…..and cost next to nothing to make, AND cleared out room in my Freezer.


Win/WIn/WIN baby!

Kitchen Mash-Up

So we have been bbqing quite a lot, everything come out great on the Treager!

So I have left over chicken and potatoes….hmmm….

Lets see, I have BAGS and I mean big BAGS of my mom’s prepper food, so ….

Get a big pot, added rest of milk in carton and broth, then throw in some peas and carrots, then hey, lets add the chicken and potatoes and some cornstarch.

Like chicken and dumplings but with potatoes instead.

Pretty tasty too!

Kitchen Mash-Up prepper style

Sooo, my mom, well, she is a little bonkers sometimes, so she bought a bucket or should I say BUCKETS of emergency food, that will be going bad in a year so.   So guess who has to figure out what to do with it, ME!

So she gave me the freeze dried veggies, so hmm, I have Freeze dried peas, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.  What to do…what to do.

I found some broth in the cupboard, so I poured that in a pan and added about a cup of each veggie.  I then added a can of white beans and cut up tomatoes and made a soup.

Pretty darn good !

So I have some of this soup, not a lot, so I throw it in a pan, add some leftover green beans and some left over chicken and BOOM chicka BOOM, another master piece!


Kitchen Mash-Ups

This skill comes in handy for WW also.  So I had been buying some mushrooms that stuffed to cook, but I decided to do them myself, costs 1/2 the price and I can control what goes in.

So we had a bbq, lots of leftovers, chicken, bbq veggies, ect….hmmm…

cut up chicken, add some bbq zucchini, tomatoes and goat cheese, blend up,  take some mushrooms, take out stems (put to side DO NOT throw out, you wasters ;), stuff mushrooms with blend, put in Airfryer (OMG, I will post about this too, so awesome) 10 min, 300, and yummy,  3 WW pts, and very filling and yummy!

hmmm, what to do with the extra mushroom stems, oh hey, cut them out, add them to the squash soup base with tomatoes and some bbq zuchinni, thats right, another freaking meals with leftovers that is yummy, good for you and means no wasting food or money!


Ok, That is IT, the Spiralizer is my FAVE!

This is a great gadget, I just got done making my own chips, with a potato that hadn’t been used and I didn’t want to waste it!, and they be lip smakin’ good, just oil, plus some seasoned oil, potatoes, and salt after.  I had a spice mix so I added that to the last batch of chips, give them a little different flavor.

The spiralizer gets the potato really thin, takes no time at all to fry, you would be amazed at how many chips a potato makes…..we are paying thru the #$%^ at the store!

So I don’t have to feel bad to eat my potato plate of chips, all though I won’t, because it is a LOT of chips.

I have all sorts of ideas floating thru my mind, lets see what I do next!

kitchen mash-up …. save the fries!

So how many times to you end up leaving fries when you go out?  We had a huge amount of chili fries left and I brought them home.  Hmmmm what to do?

After my pool gym class, I cam home, I was hungry, but ewww, cold fries are gross!  Lets see, I cut the fries that came lose from the chili up first, and threw them in a pan, then I cut up the chili, added that, covered it and let it cook a while.

I then made an egg, and grabbed the lettuce and tomato left over from the bbq the day before, cut that up.

Then I check and the fries where cooked up fresh and yummy so I put them on a plate, added some cheese, put the egg on it and added the lettuce and tomato.

Damn sometimes I surprise myself, it was good and yummy!  Boyah!