KMU – Prep style

I had mentioned on a prior post about dried beans and chicken broth.  I thought I would expand on that a bit.

I bought 3 kinds of beans, 1lb of beans $.99 to $1.27 vs a can of beans for same or higher price.

I had made some chicken broth from the left over chicken from dinner – $0 vs $2.00 and higher for store broth.

I soaked the beans overnight in the broth.  I then cooked the beans in new broth until tender.

Then I used some that day, and froze the rest, about 6 cups, to be used at a later date!

A little bit of your time and imagination will say you a lot in the pocket book and the waistline!


So my Bday was this month…

and my husband got me a slot to go the the CAT CAFE, yep, that’s right.

It was Meowing Awesome!  A few kittens, older cats.  It was fun.

Although there were some little kids there hogging up the cat toys!

There was a kitten there that looked like a cat I used to have, I texted my husband that my cat had been reincarnated, but he wouldn’t let me bring him home ;(

Next on my bday gift list, GOAT YOGA! Woo hoo, already got a friend to sign up to.  Should be fun!

3…..2…..1…. NONE

OMG, I have 3 Freaking Orange Theory Sessions left……aaauuuggghhhh…..if I wasn’t so cheap I would say “screw it” but , I  am 🙂

They keep letting me know I am almost out and they have “deals”, yeah, no thanks, nah, not gonna happen again, ever!

I am using these last ones when I know I go off the deep end, and eat more then I should.  I know it, I still do it, it is a lifestyle, not a diet, shit happens, then you eat chocolate!

I will be so Happy when I am down to ZERO!

and my husband still has TEN sessions,  who is the slacker now huh???!!!

7 freaking pounds…… that is what is left

to lose to reach my goal weight and get FREE weight watchers for life.  I have needed to lose those pounds for 2 months now.

The good thing?  Even going thru the Food Triangle (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) of parties I have stayed the same weight, surprised?? I sure was, when I went in Xmas Eve and weighed in, same weight, no gain, now I will take this, the habits learned in WW are working.  But I gotta get rid of this last 7!!!!!!

Why or why is it so hard….hmmm….could be all the sweets, but I just tossed out all the goodies in the fridge and freezer, (I have no will power, so if it isn’t here, I can’t eat it :), and I am almost over my bronchitis so it will be back to exercising.

Speaking of exercising, as you all know I am “doing” Orange Theory, and in theory it should work, that being said, I am NOT super competitive and I don’t like to sweat, so when I went to my last workout and she said “just want to let you know you have 6 sessions left, but we are having a 20% xmas sale so you can get more”… INNER voice said “THANK FREAKING GOODNESS , only 6 more torture sessions left, if she thinks I am buying anymore she is CRAZY!”… outer voice said “Ok thanks for the info”.

I have worked my way through 19 out of 25 sessions, I could stop now, but you know me and money, no can do, I will get through this, even though 5 of those sessions where “free” so if I only did one more I would technically be done….but I just can’t, I can’t help myself….only thing I hate more then exercising and sweating is wasting money!!!!

Basketball Rules for MOM

So last post I let you know my son and his girlfriend are very active.  They play B-Ball on Tues and Thurs , so me and my hubby are “playing” with them.

So..hmm…Hubby 6 ‘2, Son 5’10, Girlfriend 5’6 , Me 5’  so mom get’s some “gimmies”,

First – No blocking mom, the chance of her actually getting a basket are pretty slim

Last – No fouls called on mom…..even if she is “hugging” you so you can’t move the ball

I last maybe 15 min in a 2 on 2 situation,  when we play around the world, I get to stay close and my lovely granny shots go in on occasion!

Lastly when mom says she is done, and she is laying on the ground, gasping for air, she is DONE!



So, let’s see what is up recently…

I am still on Weight Watchers, now renamed , Wellness that Works…. ’cause you know…..Weight Watchers is so not PC… what a crock, but whatever, I have lost 27 lbs, so I am fine with it by any name 🙂

All the pets are doing ok still, Rudder coming up on 15 yrs, besides going deaf, and slightly blind and peeing everywhere, he is fine.  Mushu is now almost 30 lbs, but not fat, the kids walk her and run her, so she is a very fit puggly!

That cat is STILL an ASS….she is about 8 years old now, keeps pushing my stuff off things, she loves to go outside (daytime only) and stalk the birds and lizards, thank goodness she never catches them!

It is nice having my youngest home with his girlfriend who is very nice.  They are very active, running, basketball, boulder climbing, keeping us all fit and active (fit as long as my heart doesn’t explode after 15min of b-ball).


Well, I have survived the flu from hell

OMG, that was awful, I can’t remember a more painful sickness then that!  And Ihad the flu shot.

At least we were able to go on our vaca to Maui, it was nice, still a little coughing, but other then that ok.

Saw some Sea Turtles, that was awesome!  So big, so cute.  We went on the Sub, went down 130 ft, saw bunch of fish, Eel, Shark and spotted Ray.  Pretty Nice Luau after sub.

It was nice but overcast so we didn’t use the sunblock we bought.

Yes it is expensive to eat, but try and hit the Happy Hours, then more reasonable, also go to grocery store for snacks and water, and if where you are staying offers breakfast, eat there.



Sorry, it’s been a while…life gets

Cray Cray sometimes!  So let’s see, I joined weight watches, I have lost 19 lbs since October…Woot Woot for me.  That is two sizes since I am only 5 ‘1, and YES that one inch is on my Medical records to there!

However, the chances of me getting even close to 100 lbs is slim and none, last time I was 35 years younger, with no kids, or hubby, all that adds weight to you 🙂


Weight Watchers – works

So, I have tried to lose weight on my own, and have some luck, so I decided after researching to go with Weight Watchers….no special foods to buy main reason.

They have a great app and the points system works.  I have been on it two weeks now and lost 2lbs a week.  With no special pills, shots or food.

I have started going to Yoga again, I am hoping this will increase the weight loss, it helps the joints, that is for sure!


I forgot, did I tell you how much


This gym thing sucks.  That being said, I have added about 5 minutes to every piece of equipment, so I am getting better at it.  But I still don’t like it.

Freaking exercise, this shit will never be my Hobby!  I am sweating in places no one should EvEr sweat, EVER!!!

And StInKy, WTF, if I didn’t hate taking pills so much I would say stuff it, and also Daytime TV is Awful!  There is nothing but crapola on, yea….having a bad day….freakin….exercise….