Well, I have survived the flu from hell

OMG, that was awful, I can’t remember a more painful sickness then that!  And Ihad the flu shot.

At least we were able to go on our vaca to Maui, it was nice, still a little coughing, but other then that ok.

Saw some Sea Turtles, that was awesome!  So big, so cute.  We went on the Sub, went down 130 ft, saw bunch of fish, Eel, Shark and spotted Ray.  Pretty Nice Luau after sub.

It was nice but overcast so we didn’t use the sunblock we bought.

Yes it is expensive to eat, but try and hit the Happy Hours, then more reasonable, also go to grocery store for snacks and water, and if where you are staying offers breakfast, eat there.




Sorry, it’s been a while…life gets

Cray Cray sometimes!  So let’s see, I joined weight watches, I have lost 19 lbs since October…Woot Woot for me.  That is two sizes since I am only 5 ‘1, and YES that one inch is on my Medical records to there!

However, the chances of me getting even close to 100 lbs is slim and none, last time I was 35 years younger, with no kids, or hubby, all that adds weight to you 🙂


Weight Watchers – works

So, I have tried to lose weight on my own, and have some luck, so I decided after researching to go with Weight Watchers….no special foods to buy main reason.

They have a great app and the points system works.  I have been on it two weeks now and lost 2lbs a week.  With no special pills, shots or food.

I have started going to Yoga again, I am hoping this will increase the weight loss, it helps the joints, that is for sure!


I forgot, did I tell you how much


This gym thing sucks.  That being said, I have added about 5 minutes to every piece of equipment, so I am getting better at it.  But I still don’t like it.

Freaking exercise, this shit will never be my Hobby!  I am sweating in places no one should EvEr sweat, EVER!!!

And StInKy, WTF, if I didn’t hate taking pills so much I would say stuff it, and also Daytime TV is Awful!  There is nothing but crapola on, yea….having a bad day….freakin….exercise….

Exercise and Food update…

I got a good deal, $25 for 10 yoga classes that I can take up to 45 days to use.  So I went to “Happy Hour” yoga 5:30 – 6:30….yea not so happy for me, lots of planks and downward dogs,  I have bad wrists and it hurts to keep the pose….so no more Happy Hr for me.  So  a week, yes….sigh….a week later (that is why I am happy I have 45 days!) I did the Yoga for Flexibility, much easier then Happy Hour but still a little more work then my old yoga place.  But my plan was up and I am trying out new places.  Will see what their other classes are like and let you know.

On the food front, been eating a LOT more fruits and veggies, got my flat bread that has 60 cal and 4 carbs for my sandwiches….woohoo!  Got a few grapefruits, gonna try those again, but I cut it up, added 1/2 teaspoon of unprocessed sugar and other fruits to cut the “pucker”.  In addition, I have some granola that is all broken up so I took some of the fruit mix and put a little of the granola on top, and voila…..nummies!

Right now I had cauliflower steaming and some already cooked potatoes and going to mix them together for mashed potatoes that have less carbs and more nutrients!  “cause the cauliflower was going to go bad and so were the potatoes and you know how I hate to throw out food, might as well be lighting my money on FiRe!

So we went to dinner and I brought back aforementioned potato and some grilled veggies, and I had recently made celery soup, basically cooked celery so it wouldn’t go bad with some veggie broth, garlic and ginger.  So I cut up 1/2 the potato and the veggies and added them the celery base…and what do you know, pretty darn good.  So I am using up the other half plus another potato I made the other day with the cauliflower.



Kitchen mashup – doggie bag boogie

So since I got sick, both times I think it was because I had started eatting a little more meat then I like.  End of December all those holiday parties and end of Jan because I was trying to use up food.  So SCREW that!

I figure with my son and his fiance coming home and my other son, they can eat it.

So I pulled some of those beans out of the cupboard and cooked them.  Going to and try and stay with beans as much as possible.  Just wish I knew what type they are, bought them and then put them in jars, and remember what they are.  I am pretty sure it is red beans and a white type bean 🙂

So we had gone out to dinner the other night and I brought home, corn, muffin, potato and some bbq pork and rib tips.  I had a salad, I ate 1/2 his potato and 1/4 of chicken, which is the only meat I had for 3 days.

So yes I did use some meat, I put it in the beans I am taking to my mom and aunt, reminded me of lima beans and ham, but I NO LIKE lima beans so I used the red and white beans instead.

Then I did another batch and added corn, tomato sauce, and some meat, and taking 1/2 of that to my mom’s.

I also cooked up the potato and corn from the Doggy bag with a smidge of the meat to give it the bbq flavor and I still have a bunch of meat leftover.  So eatting vera vera little meat.

For breakfast I have a piece of fruit and then I have had eggs or french toast.  Lunch I have the heavier carbs, and dinner is either soup or salad.  Been working pretty good.

And we went for a walk on the weekend, and I used groupon for some Yoga classes, 10 for $25 dolla, so I used it.  Getting it back together.



Exercise/Food Diary/Kitchen Mash-up

So after walking a few times, I needed to get back to yoga to stretch out the ol’ bod.  I had an apple before going.

When I came home, I decided to make soup, but since I wanted to not pig out, I made a quick salad to eat while making lunch.  Now again, there is always shit in the fridge and pantry that need to be used up.  Sheesh, so I pulled out some Udon noodles, which are very high in carbs, so I knew I would be making 2 servings of soup, not one.  I found some miso soup mix that I used instead of the super salty stuff that comes with the noodles.  I also added some fresh mushrooms.  And I had some pork chops I needed to use up.  Now I brined them over night but uncooked they way 3.5 oz, so I cut it up and cooked it to make a 2 serving bowl of Udon Noodles with mushrooms, miso soup and pork.

I was able to use up items from my house, and not totally ruin my diet or eat to much meat. And best of all it was pretty darn good!

Now I am out to move the stuff in the garage around so I can get my car in, that also counts as exercise, don’t think I am going for a walk today, my ankles hurt 😦

Food diary kind of …

Instead of doing a daily food diary, which probably bores everyone (including me) plus I am always forgetting to enter my stuff in, I will just keep track along with my exercise and kitchen mash-ups….. so here goes

We went walking again at the other side of the trail, now I wasn’t planning on walking BuT….I slept ate a Cherry Pop tart….so I figured, probably gotta work that thang off 🙂

Now this side of the trail is not as nice, more just a road and fence, HoWeVer, we were able to climb down in a spot to two, so we could get to the creek bed, this damn dog likes water…


So there she is enjoying herself, after digging in the sand and getting in the water and generally being a menace as usual.

Hopefully this is the last time I sleep eat crap that makes me HaVe to exercise later that day…gah!

Working on losing the weight (again :)

So got rid of all the junk (ok we ate it…so what!?) we haven’t replaced it, got the veggies and fruit.  Doing pretty good.

Cooked up some black beans, NO chili’s this time, so I can eat them without my mouth being on fIrE!

Trying to eat fruit for breakfast, eat piece of fruit or veggie while cooking lunch and dinners.  This increases my fruit and veggie intake and reduces the meal intake.

Used the black beans for a chili dish, how says it has to be kidney beans and meat??  I did black beans, celery, carrots and cubed steak, small steak, made 2 meals out of it.

I had some lobster ravioli from Costco, they were very seafoody, so I had bought a scallop and pea cream bag from Trader Joes and I mixed the two together, the sauce and veggies helped to cut the seafoodyness, but still kind of strong, ate that over quinoa and kale.  Sooo, I added some squash soup base to the mixture, that should take care of it.

Trying to eat most of my carbs in the Am and Lunch, most active time for me.

We will see, I need to get exercising, but…auggh, I hate to sweat!