Time for a antiperspirant/deodorant do-over while in lockdown

This is an re-edited repost:

While I don’t advocate ditching the antiperspirant & deodorant and becoming a “stinky” person, you may want to take antiperspirant “vacations” – since we are on lock down this is a great place to start as there shouldn’t be anyone so close to you!

Antiperspirant – blocks the sweat, Deodorant masks the scent, you sweat because your body is hot or it needs to get rid of toxins, therefore,  using a product that blocks the release of the sweat,  so it stays in your body, close to a lymph node where a lot of cancers start can’t really be a good thing over the long run.

If you are exercising and working up a sweat, let it go, don’t use anything, if you get uncomfortable “wash” the sweat off, don’t bottle it up.  Again, now is the time to get used to it.  Save the antiperspirant & deodorant for that Hot Date, or Job interview!

First let me say I am NOT a Dr, Phd, ect.I also do not think that antiperspirants cause breast cancer. However, I can’t help but wonder if they can make worse an propensity for breast cancer.

Let’s think about this a moment, Women get most of the Breast Cancer in the world, Women shave their pits, men do not. When women put on deodorant it goes directly on their skin, when men put it on, they have hair that is a barrier between the deodorant and their skin.

Again I don’t think that deodorant itself causes breast cancer, but I think it may exacerbate an already pre-disposition.

Here is a link to what is in antiperspirants/deodorant that you may find enlightening.

Well…poopie…..not that I am

complaining about my weight loss, I feel a LOT better, but I went to pull out all my travel clothes, light weight, moisture wicking, and NOTHING fits!

Now I like to clothes shop like any self respecting woman 🙂  but I had to re-buy stuff that is only used occasionally.

Auugghhh, plus I waited until two weeks before to check, so now I have a deadline and can’t wait for sales……(sobbing on floor….auugghh).

Luckily, I found a few things on sale, and I am combing my closet for light stuff I can fit into.

So, glad about the weight lost, but not about the money I am spending :’)


It is finally summer…..here at least

for a while now it has been grey and overcast, with sprinkles in the AM.  While this is good for plants and fires, not so much for us.

It is finally getting sunny in the AM, hopefully June Gloom is gone, and summer here to stay.  As long as it doesn’t get to hot I will be happy.

Darn it, spoke to soon, after this post got all gloomy gus again ;(

I am a sunny and 70-75 degree girl, anything up or down, is not my happy place 😉

I lost my weight, wanna get a new bathing suit, after mumble years.


so I am not really sure about AI, I really think we should be at the top of the food chain…however, I do enjoy some automation.

As I write this, I have a robot duster cleaning my wood floors, while the Roomba is vacuuming my carpets and the mint is washing my tile floor in the kitchen.

So while I enjoy them helping me keep the house clean, I wouldn’t enjoy them telling me how dirty my house is, or them complaining about cleaning, which if they were sentient, they would probably do!

I already have a kitchen that beeps at me if I wait to long to take things out of the stove and microwave!

I already have a family that gives me shit about things, don’t need attitude from the appliances also!


OMG…..I am so freaking “special”..

so my mom got my husband a new set of knives, ever since we got the Traeger we have things we can buy him.

So of course the new knives don’t go in the dishwasher, you have to wash them by hand….I am waiting for my chain mail gloves….not only did I manage it slice 1 finger, I got 2 fingers at once….but I didn’t know it right away as the main finger I sliced was bleeding like crazy, so I thought that is where all the blood came from, my husband is like “is that finger cut too?”  I was like “no, that is blood from this finger”…well come to find out it was CUT, just not as deep…sheesh and to top it off???….Happened on my Right hand, major cut Middle finger, small cut Ring finger….so yea, its gonna be fun around here for a while.


I really need my metal mesh gloves!!!

So they are doing the XMAS shopping

at the school again.  Last year they said they were going to bring in items from a manufacture for them.  Obviously that didn’t go well because they were looking for vendors this year.

However, I got rid of a lot of my display items, I didn’t buy anything during the year, and I didn’t have anything made….aaauuuuggghhh.

Luckily or not, I was trying to make candles to sell, but online, being in glass, they cost a bunch to mail because of the weight, so I was like YES, I can get rid of most of my stuff and make back my money, just looking to break even as the items can’t be over 7 dollars.

I did have to get some display items, but I did have a bunch of charms and stuff to make earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Plus I am learning to sew, so I am making some zipper pouches and cell phone pillows.

If I make all my money back I will be happy…then next year, I should do better.

Technology is nice and all….

but it can also be destructive and intrusive.  Especially in MY kitchen, stupid microwave will beep when done, normal right, then it KEEPS beeping at me until I come over and open it up or hit clear….sheesh…..

We put the stair light on google, this way when I am carrying up a 25lb dog, I can tell it to turn on, since trying to turn it on with my hands full does’t work well.

It is also frustrating though, when you think you have something set up and it doesn’t work, like google when it will turn on the stair light for me, some times it does, other times I get an error….aaauuuuggghh

We got the Google levnovo Screen, it helps to see what I am telling it to do for lists, reminders ect.  This should help since I can’t remember what I did last night half the time (just kidding, somewhat).

aauugghh…sorry…..got a bit busy!

so let’s see, what has happened so far this month, it has been WARM here, unseasonably warm, we are NOT Florida, CA usually cools down in Nov until Feb or so, but NO, warm, and unfortunately fires.

We weren’t effected, but we know people who have been, so many homes and lives lost.

We are thankful for those that are ok, and all those who are sending items and money for those who have lost it all.