Happy 4th of July everyone

enjoy your family and friends time.  4 day weekend for a lot of people!


I think I may have some down time soon

I hope, lets see

July thru Nov 2016 : Selling house – move in to new house – done

Nov – Jan : Holidays – Done

Mar 2017 :Vacation – Done

Mar – Apr 2017 : Sold mom’s house  and move into new house – done

May 2017 : Son’s Wedding – Done

June 2017 : Sons marathon in Montana

July 2017: In friends Renew Ceremony

Auuugghhhh, I need some down time


aaahhh, enjoying

I work at home so I can make extra money and enjoy life, however, I very rarely “enjoy” it, so today I said “screwit”  I am now outside, with a glass of tea, under the patio, enjoying the radio and doing my work.

This is work / life balance….now if the dogs would just stop barking and whining, all would be good!

OMG WTF – there is a lot of stuff

in this house, 15 years, during prime school years, my house looks like a bomb hit it, and I am only working on the stuff in the garage right now….how does this happen?!?!

I am going to be going to goodwill quite a bit, best time to start clearing out stuff we never use.  Some much stuff, so many boxes, so little time!

And the cat is PISSED, I have moved all her sleeping places in the garage, she is so NOT a happy cat!

Well….hell….looks like we be moving

so our house came OFF the market on 10/1/16….not sold, no longer on the market, we get a freaking OFFER on 10/2/16…..and yes we took it.  So it looks like we are moving….we just gotta find us a new house….yikes!

We have a few contenders so we will see what happens…..I am thinking my life would be a lot easier if I just go get a job, cause guess who is going to have to oversee the move….hmm…yep…ME.

That cat is gonna be pissed!  Ha, there is a silver lining…..!


I believe we are finally done…

we got one low ball offer and that is it.  I am fine not moving, my husband isn’t as happy but he will get over it.   We made the effort….what a nightmare of half house in garage, and not being able to do much because I have to take the dogs in order to show the house.

Now we are going to start fixing up the house a little bit, put in Dog Door, water filter, maybe redo the kitchen, that is about it.  But once we put money in we are not going to sell.

Hopefully the days will be cooler so I can start putting my house back together.

Woo Hoo we be staying!  I can start going back to yoga and lunch with friends without having to worry about getting the dogs and house staying clean!

the “Middle Class”

we live in So Cal, one of the most expensive housing places to live.  Our house has been on the market for almost 60 days, and it is priced within range of other houses of same size.

What we find is that our house isn’t a “fixer upper” nor is it a “Show Stopper” and we have seen both, with a Fixer Upper you figure you can get it for a deal, upgrade how you like it and have equity in it, with a Show Stopper, you are like, this is perfect , nothing has to be done, move right in and start living.

Fixer Uppers are Lower cost, Show Stoppers are Higher cost, our house is in good shape, average middle class house with an average price for were we live.  We have over the years, upgraded the A/C and added vents, added double pane windows, a patio cover, carpet, tile, paint, ect….we just upgraded the bathrooms, but the kitchen could use an upgrade, but nothing drastically wrong with it, and nothing that knocks you socks off.

Why isn’t it selling,  because an average middle class house is still FREAKING expensive and I am not sure how affordable it is for most people.  That is a sad thing but true, because when we go out house hunting we get the same feeling,  not sure this is gonna sell.

Which I am fine with, hubby …. not so much 😉


30 years people….30 years…

of marriage, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my past 30 years with anyone else….however, that doesn’t mean, many times during our marriage , I was sure someone was gonna end up dead and someone in jail,  that man can drive me CRAZY…but I know I am no picnic either, so we are a good match.

The secret to a happy marriage…..HUMOR…..life can be good and bad, crazy and sad, terrifying and triumphant, if you have a sense of humor you can make it through just about anything.

And “snuggling” that also helps to make a very very happy marriage 🙂

taking advantage of the sun without solar panels

It has been so hot, so you can take advantage of the sun for you laundry drying needs, just hang the close out to dry.  I have a portable pop-up drying rack, when hot I dry my towels and jeans (these take the longest to dry) to about 95% dry, I make sure to use liquid laundry softner,  and then I put them in the dryer for about 15 min to get the “crunchy” out.

I have nice , fresh, clean smelling clothes, and it takes about 1/4 the normal drying time so I save on electric/gas bill also.

This is also great for blankets, comforters, sheets, ect…..