OMG….a puppy is like a baby!!

Someone smack me, what was  I thinking???  The pooping, the crying, the lack of sleep…..aaauugggghhh.

At least human babies don’t have worms…, yack, disgusting, how can so much c

ome out of something only 2.8 lbs????

Thank goodness she is worth it, the cat however is NOT amused, and Mushy is still like “WTF is this furry thing???”

We said “good bye” to our JRT mix

We had Rudder for 16 yrs.  We got him because our boys were getting older and we wanted someone for Dempsey our Boxer, plus Vance wanted a dog, of course he wanted a big dog like a Husky, we said no, to much shedding, they went to a breeder, supposedly he wouldn’t shed. HA!  He shed more then my mom’s goldens!!  And not only that, it was sharp fur and would stick in you!  But he was a wonderful dog, when Dempsey died 2 years later, we got Iggy, a Pug, those two were together for 10 years.

They would go in the same cage at the groomers and boarders, they didn’t like to be separated.  When Iggy died 10 years later, we got Mushu, (sorry Rudder), he seemed lonely and sad, but Mushu is … well…cray cray!  But they made it thru.

Rudder was mostly healthy, but just recently, his health started to fail, and over the Memorial Day Holiday, we had to let him go, he is now running in great health and playing with his Mama Dempsey, and his Bestie Iggy.

All of my furries are greatly missed as there is never a more pure/true/loyal love then that of your dog.


Cat is not happy again….duh…

Stupid cat, she doesn’t like to be pet and she HATES to be brushed, but she gets knots, so I took her in and she got shaved on her tummy, under her tail, and under her neck.  She is not amused, but hey, at least I didn’t do the Lion Cut!

We figured even though the cat is about 8, we have only had her 2 years, as the first 6 she spent in the garage at our other home, seriously, we hardly ever saw her, (except when she decided to get in my stuff) which was fine with the rest of the family…since the move however, she is out and about, hanging with us in the living room, going in the other rooms, it is like a new cat….so weird.

The cat was PISSED ……

So we were having our electric panel upgraded, so I told my husband when he left in the AM to let the cat in the room and shut the door.

She hangs out by the door trying to get us to either turn on the water in the sink or give her a snack…sigh…(want a cat???)

So she was NOT happy I wouldn’t let her out, every 20 min or so she is clawing my bed!

Once they go here, since I had to open the garage, I locked her cat door so she couldn’t get out there….yea, that did NOT go over well.  She also couldn’t go outside because they had the gate open.

So when they left, I let her out, she went and ate some grass then horked it up on my patio as a FU!

OMG…..she is such a CAT!!!

Sorry it has been so long….

It has been a bit crazy around here……we are down to 4 of us here, my son and his wife moved out, they wanted their own place, plus my son only lasted a week before he broke down and got his wife a cute little black pug, of course, he told her she could get one but he gets to name him….so Seymour Butts is now his name…sigh…. that’s my boy!

While  I work on getting a cute pic of him, here is a new pic of the Mushu Menance all ready for Howloween!


Damn cat……so she had mats

LOTS of them, she doesn’t like me to comb her, so it shard.  I have an appt. set up every 3 months to groom her…but we had to shave her down this time and I am NOT upset at all, since she horked a hairball in my sandal right before we left.




Damn cat, had to wash my feet and sandal!!!!

Not sure why they left the tail, like a duster 🙂


Spoiled animals….

so while we were gone my son and his wife watched the animals….ha ha ha, hee ,  hee, hee

of course I send him a text asking how they are doing and here is his response “alive”, aauugghhh

then his wife sends me a text, “he is spoiling them” with a picture of them all covered up sleeping.

He is very unhappy he had to turn on the faucet to get the cat to drink 🙂

But everyone happy and healthy when we got home