My cat sucks! SAC

Stupid Ass Cat…..sheesh, so she has been wanting us to turn facet on for her,  so we buy her a fountain, and she wants NOTHING to do with it.  So she is drinking and I have to leave.  I pick her up and close the door, I start going downstairs and SAC swats at my feet, TWICE!

What is up with that!


The cat is CRAZY

So my kids got me a dog stroller for the 15 yr old dog to go on walks, however, I took the cat out and she LOVES it.  She even sleeps in it when in house.

And ONE time I turned on the sink for her and now she basically will only drink from a dripping sink!

OMG what the &^

Home made dog food toppers Kitchen Mash up

so when I give my dogs just dry food with nothing with it, I get a look of “what, am I some kind of animal?”

So I usually top it with a small portion of wet food, but that really isn’t all that good for them so I make additional toppers for them.

Some time of pumpkin/squash , banana ( using up so they don’t go bad) , and left over rice if we have it.  I cook all the items then add it with the wet food and mix together.

Pumpkin helps with their digestion, and the 16 yr JRT mix can use all the help he can get




Wonderful Weddings..

Weddings are a great time for family gatherings for a Wonderful reason, much better then at a funeral.  Weddings and Baby Showers!

My son worked with me at my old work so we invited a few of our friends from there, we keep up on facebook, but we are all spread out, it was nice to see them again.

We have a LARGE family, and quite a few were able to come, so it was like a mini family reunion.  Of course of the first questions we got was ” Is that cat real?!”  yes she is real and full of cattitude!





Weddings remind us that we should get together with those we love and cherish more often!

OH Come ON…

so I go out side to my strawberries, that are still going, and my tomatoes and realize some dumb arse bug drilled in and ate all the Insides OUT!

And then I catch my cat putting her PAWS in my drink trying to get the ice cubes out.

Really?  Now I have to keep a lid on my drink at all times….sheesh